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Green said the recruitment of KD details: where did he go I go crazy to call Green stick with Durant sina sports news Beijing time on September 15th, according to U.S. media reports, this summer, the Jinzhou warriors by Kevin Durant in the free agent market. Recently, de Raymond – Green in the TV show revealed his bitter pursuit of the process of Durant. "I’m very aggressive in recruiting KD." Green said in an interview with Conan – said, "it’s like a college coach trying to recruit a former five players, although my recruitment will undermine the provisions of each NCAA." Because Durant chose the warriors, so Green to look not in vain, but he later revealed that she recruited Durant style, may make him feel curious Durant was recruited when. "I called him (Durant) 1 million times. No matter where he goes, I’ll try to be there." Green said with a smile. It seems that in order to recruit to Durant, Green is really spelled. In August this year, Green and Durant together on behalf of the U.S. men’s basketball team at the Olympic Games in Rio, and brought back a piece of gold. Recently, Durant was watching a football game with an Olympic gold medal around his neck. In this regard, Green made a joke on Durant. "We talked about it in a group chat, and we all told him (Durant):" dude, let’s have a rest. " Put the gold in a certain place. What are you doing? Everyone knows you won the Olympic gold medal, KD. Let it take a rest." (Rosen)相关的主题文章: