Grand track to the media in Beijing to see the film will open IMAX National Archives –

"Grand track" to the media in Beijing to see the film will open IMAX National Archives – Entertainment Sohu "grand track" IMAX version of the poster "grand track" IMAX version of the poster Sohu entertainment news September 30th, directed by Guo Jingming, Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Yan Yikuan, Wang Yuan, Lin Yun, starring Wang Duo, Yang Mi in particular Aarif Lee, guest star Guoneishoubu full live CG fantasy blockbuster "grand track" to the majority of fans look forward to in the landing of the more than and 320 IMAX theaters, officially kicked off the national day of the schedule. The same day, IMAX held a press conference in beijing. Perfect the whole human CG effects and IMAX technology to fit the honored guests and the media shouted perception than expected from the grand Odeon mainland stereo to many roles are delicate and vivid on the IMAX screen show to the extreme. A customized version of the countdown. The full sense of the classic elements of the perfect combination for the first time on the big screen as Guo Jingming IMAX’s works, the film "grand track" has not reflected the first fire. While the IMAX theater audience will be pleasantly surprised to find that the movie before IMAX as the "grand track" made a special customized version of the countdown, let the whole movie viewing experience more sense of ritual, feel ahead of the Odeon mainland strong atmosphere of a war burning soul. As a classic part of the IMAX viewing experience, IMAX reflects the countdown is only a small number of Hollywood blockbusters and very large individual Chinese blockbuster. Previously, "Godzilla", "speed and passion", "7" and other large exclusive Dutch ACT team reflected the former countdown had many deep impression on the audience. The IMAX North American team and the "grand track" production team closely, design elements will be the reality of CG tracts and characters to a proper extent into only fifty seconds in the image. A digital countdown by water, wind, fire, rocks and other elements, corresponding to the film classic battle scenes; several play an important role in one appearance style with the "grand track" Diablo series film aesthetic height. CG effects IMAX 3D a year and a half to create visual effects is like burning to burst as a whole real CG movie, "grand track" post production by more than 400 digital engineers spend one and a half years to complete, skin and hair to life, the accuracy can be accurate to the pores. Appear in the movie the Cang snow teeth, wings, etc. hunshou? Snow thorn is also very personification, through IMAX’s proprietary DMR (Digital replica of the original end) to tune them one by one each frame of the school, their skin and hair texture true to life. In the film, when thousands of overwhelming rises, majestic momentum at the same time, they also have their own characteristics overbearing; and whether it is crawling, flying or fighting expressions and movements are very delicate and vivid, which greatly enrich the details of the performance of the film. In addition, the film created by the CG visual impact of the spectacular scene is impressive. When the audience’s attention, followed by sky dive to the streets of the town, and around the angle of view and close fight scenes, will have a strong sense of depth, showing the effect of 3D shock IMAX. The moss covered corridors, the eternal abyss Heart Island cave,.相关的主题文章: