Graduate entrance examination next month from 10 to sign up-kaya scodelario

Postgraduate entrance examination next month on the 10 day registration – Beijing China Jiangxi news (reporter Wan Renhui, Liu Fei) September 25th, the reporter learned from the provincial education examination, the national graduate entrance examination from the 10 day to 31 days after enrollment next month. Reporters learned that all candidates to participate in the entrance examination of graduate students are required to log in Chinese graduate admissions information network (or) enrollment, and pay 150 yuan registration fee, mail, file material costs $30. During the registration, the system will be reported to the candidates qualifications (school) information for online calibration, and candidates to submit registration information within three days of feedback verification results. Candidates should be timely view of Education (school) verification results. Not through education (enrollment) check the examinee must promptly to the education (enrollment) certification authority certification, at the scene confirmed the certification report (original and photocopy) to report test verification, certification report materials are to be used in the re admission stage, need to pay attention to the preservation of. It is worth noting that, I only accept this university graduating undergraduate course graduate candidates, the province residence and the previous candidates in the province work but did not move the previous candidates registered permanent residence registration. Previous candidates of the province accounts to provide my residence booklet and a copy of the original; provide on-site confirmation work units issued proof of work 8, 9, 10 and three months and above social security credentials or unit tax documents and other certificates and a copy of the original party in the province to work but previous candidates account did not move must be. Site confirmation time is November to 12, from 24 to 25 on December to take the exam.  相关的主题文章: