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Got kidney disease, there’s a place to go! Sohu – "Zi Lin healthy for you to read the" health 177th senior medical media Lynn son wrote (WeChat public number: Lynn for you to read the health experts interviewed): where are you going to play to the deputy director of the Department of Nephrology No.1 Hospital of Peking University chief physician Zhou Fude in the mid autumn Festival? I would like to remind patients with kidney disease, plateau zone or you go. What is the relationship between kidney disease and the plateau area? How about going to the meeting? Take a good look at this article, almost no one knows. Zhou Fude,, No.1 Hospital of Peking University, outpatient clinic, a few days ago, when a patient met a patient. A young woman from Qinghai, Zhang Li (a pseudonym) found urine protein for four years, but her test results are very different. Dr Zhou Fude found that the amount of urine protein in Zhang Li fluctuated with altitude. Living at an altitude of 4000 meters, her urine protein (+ + +), living at an altitude of 3000 meters, her urine protein (+ +). But because of work, Zhang Li later in the plain area of life for two months, urine protein had disappeared, not a plus. Sounds weird? This is how to return a responsibility? Is it an individual or universal law? Doctor Zhou Fude says the woman’s condition is no accident. Changes in elevation can indeed cause fluctuations in urinary protein levels. Changes in altitude can cause fluctuations in the amount of urine protein, Dr. Zhou Fude said that the presence of protein in urine is called urine protein, also known as proteinuria, said the same thing. The kidney is the largest excretory organ in the human body, and its filtering function depends mainly on the glomerulus. The glomerular surface looks like Zhang Wang (pictured below). A healthy kidney with a small pore size and a protein that does not leak out. But when there is a problem with the structure of the kidney, the glomerular filter will be destroyed, the pore size will become larger, the protein will also be leaked out, then in the urine examination will be found in the urine. Therefore, urine routine examination of proteinuria, the biggest problem may be the kidney. Doctor Zhou Fude said, there is a statistics: from the plateau region of people like Zhang Li, proteinuria (more than 1G days) prevalence rate of 22%, significantly higher than the national prevalence of chronic kidney disease 10.8%. High altitude renal syndrome. The famous literature "High Altitude Renal Syndrome (HARS)" ("high altitude renal syndrome"), the adverse effects of high altitude on the body has been confirmed. At high altitudes, renal function changes, mainly because people at high altitudes are less likely to be exposed to hypoxia. Due to the complexity of the structure and function of normal kidney tissue, the demand for oxygen is very large. Although the size of the fist size of the kidney, but it is a very difficult task every day. It filters 190 litres of blood per day for our bodies, separates up to 1.9 liters of waste and excess water, and discharges the waste. 7相关的主题文章: