Google to let Alfa dog learn to play StarCraft havd707

Google wants to learn to play "Alfa dog" "StarCraft" star StarCraft 2 Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on November 5th, Google Research Department of artificial intelligence DeepMind is trying to use the artificial intelligence technology to play the "StarCraft 2". DeepMind announced that Blizzard Entertainment reached a cooperation agreement to jointly develop the interface, so that artificial intelligence researchers can connect the machine learning software with this game. DeepMind has not yet developed a professional "StarCraft" software. The company research scientist Ouli AUR · Ayers (Oriol Vinyals); Wen said: "we are from a very long distance challenge master game player." However, the latest announcement shows that the company plans to StarCraft as a breakthrough in machine learning technology. Wen Ayers said that artificial intelligence researchers interested in "StarCraft" is because, compared to chess and go, the game environment is closer to the complexity of the real world "". He said: "to be able to" StarCraft "software needs to be effective use of storage, the ability to carry out long-term planning, and make the plan to adapt to the latest information." The ability to master these skills, "StarCraft" machine learning system will eventually apply to the real world tasks". In StarCraft, players need to choose one of the 3 races, each race has its own advantages and disadvantages. Players in the game need to develop the economy, find resources, explore new territories. Successful players need to remember a lot of information about places, even if they are not displayed on the map. There is very little understanding of the opponent’s actions, which is different from chess and chess. In addition, StarCraft is not a turn based game, machine learning systems need to face a constantly changing environment. For StarCraft, players need to develop long-term strategy on the one hand, on the one hand, we should also use a good short-term tactics. Let the software at the same time have the ability of these two areas will be a challenge. Facebook and Microsoft researchers have also published a paper on how to make artificial intelligence systems to grasp the early version of StarCraft. The robot software that is capable of "StarCraft" has been developed, but so far these systems have not been able to defeat the master. Microsoft CEO Satya · Nadella (Satya Nadella) has artificial intelligence development strategy for Google said "disdain". In September this year, he said at an event in Atlanta, Microsoft will not pursue artificial intelligence in the game to beat the human race". Microsoft hopes artificial intelligence can solve the more pressing problems in the social economy". (Wei Jin)相关的主题文章: