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"Goodfellas" will launch a new play that Lan Xiaolong "woman" – Sohu entertainment television drama "Goodfellas" held a press conference in Beijing, Li Chen Zhang Yi arrived at the scene. (click photos)   Sohu entertainment news (from Marston Zhao Mingqi Zhuang Xiuwen video) September 25th, written by Lan Xiaolong, Jane Li Chen, Zhang Yi Chuan he directed, Yang Xinming, Zhao Zhijun starred in the TV series "Goodfellas" held a press conference in Beijing, the producer Hou loud, director Kong Sheng back to the scene. The play tells the southern Anhui Incident after the Communist Party to maintain the Anti Japanese national united front, secretly sent the boy to escort the "seed" Lu Yan (Zhang Yishi) from the northwest to Shanghai, along with the Kuomintang, bandits, gangs, traitors and the Japanese from bad guy wits, and the Kuomintang officials and the gang boss Mr. Tu’s successor time (Li Chenshi) to kill from offset knowing each other, gradually seek the truth, safeguard the national interests of the story. "Goodfellas" is written by Lan Xiaolong from the "dead line" after a lapse of four years, grinding out works. As we all know, Lan Xiaolong’s works are mostly men play, such as "my head of my regiment," and "soldiers assault", etc.. Until "Goodfellas", they finally willing to play for the role of women, Lan Xiaolong smiled and said: "this is the drama series with the previous biggest difference." Director Kawa, screenwriter Lan Xiaolong.   director Jane Jane talked about the opportunity to take this show, bluntly his luck is very good, Zhang Yi a phone call, said to be the play of the blue Xiao Long asked him not to shoot, he was very excited to take down. It is worth mentioning that, "Goodfellas" is Guoneishoubu "cinematic production" of the TV series, mentioned "cinematic production", Kawa said, this is not reflected in the shooting technique, but a way of thinking, drama movie thinking, give the audience more sense of space. It is reported that the play will be landing in Beijing TV Star Theater in September 26th, two sets of 19:35 every night, Sohu video broadcast simultaneously.相关的主题文章: