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"Good", the line version of Samsung Galaxy Note7 can continue to buy! After the release of Sohu technology Samsung Galaxy Note7, with its unique innovative design and ultra-high performance configuration and widespread user attention, less than a month’s time, sales reached 2 million 500 thousand units. But in the Galaxy Note7 sales are rapidly climbing on the occasion of the event, foreign media reported several Note7 battery fire, caused a great disturbance in the consumer groups, and finally let Samsung decided to start battery fire investigation, and then announced in the global recall of Galaxy Note7, has been offering will take the initiative to replace. Throughout the event, the issue of product recall in various industries in a number of well-known brands have precedents, does not seem to be worth making a fuss. But then the domestic media reports, the state line version of Galaxy Note7 is not in the recall of the replacement, which makes a lot of Chinese consumers have doubts, the state line version of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 battery in the end there is no problem? Still can continue to buy it? Samsung Galaxy Note7 is a kind of product until the beginning of August, Samsung Galaxy Note7 in New York after the global launch, Samsung Galaxy Note version of suspense finally landing. Note series of over 6, directly named Note7, from the name, the Samsung Galaxy Note series tied in the digital home Galaxy S series formed different product lines between each other. But in recent years the appearance of the Note series of view, it is with the S series the same year of the same strain, should use the same number. Of course, although the number is finally consistent, but the Note series still maintained its own unique personality S Pen. Not only the digital version of the product named Note series, S series Galaxy also incorporates many excellent "gene", such as inheritance and upgrade hyperboloid AMOLED screen S series four surface, IP68 waterproof and dustproof function, night stabilization, double pixel focusing and so on. In particular, is that, thanks to the IP68 waterproof and dustproof function, Note7 on the underwater touch has been improved, but also to solve the problem of surface panel touch. In addition, Note7 is also equipped with a number of black technology". For example, USB Type-C technology, completely solve the problem of positive and negative USB interface; S Pen new design, new translation, amplification and application of the three functions, make S Pen more practical; almost science fiction black technology, iris recognition, iris users seconds to complete the unlock, not only make up, also security will play a new height. With so many "black" technology, coupled with the Samsung Galaxy Note series has always been the flagship high, will undoubtedly make Samsung Galaxy Note7 become this year’s Android emperor, highly user attention behoove. The impact of the recall event on Samsung Galaxy Note7相关的主题文章: