Good news, the experiment found that video games help to treat depression


refers to video games, people usually love and hate. They provide a choice of leisure and entertainment, to help us pass the time; but also let a lot of people, especially young people addicted to it, delayed work or study.

but if you say that video games help to treat depression, you haven’t heard of it?

recently, researchers in the United States in two experiments trying to use a video game program to treat depression, good results. This game therapy targets the underlying cognitive problems associated with depression, not just the symptoms.

the two studies were done by the University of Washington and the University of California, San Francisco.

In the first study, the researchers divided 22 elderly patients with depression into one of the two groups. One group was treated with an app called "project

" and the other received a routine treatment of depression (EVO). The elderly patients with depression in the experiment are usually over 60 years old, the symptoms are not able to raise the spirit of personal goals, because of too much anxiety and difficult to focus.

project: EVO is a video game application based on mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices, designed to enhance the user’s attention and other cognitive skills through the video game interface at the neural level. On request, patients who received the therapy played the game 5 times a week, each time for 20 minutes. Many patients actually play games over this time requirement.

experimental results? Researchers in depression and anxiety in American online magazine "the report said, after 4 week trial, accept electronic game therapy patients improved significantly better than routine therapy for patients in specific cognitive skills, including attention; and for mood and self reporting function and other aspects of the improvement, close to the effect of two kinds of therapy.

According to the

researchers, video games that improve cognitive ability may be an effective way to combat depression in older adults. The first author Angela said, although Joaquin? "Project: EVO" is not specifically for the treatment of depression, but they assume that, through targeted therapy will improve the symptoms of depression have the effect, but the results so far are very optimistic.

in the second study, the researchers put more than 600 American moderate or mild depression patients were randomly divided into 3 groups, receiving 3 mobile applications different intervention therapy, they are "project: EVO, mobile applications to provide information and conventional therapy as the control program, only to provide general health advice mobile applications.


researchers in the journal "American Online Journal of medical Internet research", the report said, mild depression patients received 3 applications after the symptoms have improved; moderate depression patients received two applications before intervention, symptoms of greater acceptance of programmed intervention patients.

the first paper;