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Internet-and-Business-Online One can never overemphasize the importance of having a good domain name. If you are starting up a business or creating a new website for link building, it is imperative that you .e up with a name that truly sticks and delivers; one which people will easily recall and understand. If you don’t know how to get the job done, read the following and take note of some crucial pointers. The first pointer you need to remember is this: Go for a shorter domain name. Long names may mean something to you but they barely do to others. It is more practical to keep the name of your business short so people will easily remember and type it on the search engine or the browser. Normally, one or two words would do. If you want an addition, make sure you limit it to a total of four. Anything longer would already be a disaster. Tip number two: Go for a … Whether you believe it or not, there are quite a number of people who equate the Internet with… While this may sound ridiculous, it is true when it .es to internet marketing. Hence, you ‘d better be practical and go for the popular extension. Otherwise, these people who do the equating will not likely find you. Also, there are folks who automatically press CTRL+ENTER after typing on the domain field. If you go for .NET or .ORG, this shortcut wouldn’t lead to you. The third pointer is this: Do not misspell any word on your domain name. Some individuals are tempted to use misspelled words because they are either too .mon or too cute. They make "tips" and "tricks" as "tipz" and "trix." Whether you admit it or not, the alterations look silly. While they may sound a bit alike, they certainly don’t look like it. Now, you wouldn’t want to make your prospective clients squint at the mere sight of your business name, would you? Good domain names ALWAYS look good. Fourth pointer: Do away with numbers, hyphens, and special characters. There are people inclined in using these in many things including nametags and emails. While they are not harmful at all in these cases, they can be when it .es to creating a good domain name. Think about it, would you be willing to go through the hassle of typing all the hyphens and the periods and the numbers when you want to quickly visit a site? If yes, then you’re probably not of this world. Tip number five: Make the name speak for itself. Generally, it’s a fantastic thing to have a general word in your domain name which will readily tell people what you do or what the enterprise is about. This way, they get the idea in no time, even without visiting your site yet. When the need for such product or service .es, they can easily recall where to go to. These are the five pointers in creating a good domain name. Bear in mind that when you get it right and everything else will likely go right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: