Give users send wedding envelopes to each other but too few drop dead diva

Give users send wedding envelopes each other but too casual users, suddenly send SMS notification to get married, out of courtesy texting expressed a blessing, and sent to the other side of a small red envelope, did not expect the other side to abandon too little. Yesterday, the public Mr. Cheng Tucao said: how can people do this, is not too realistic and direct. Zheng during the National Day holiday travel to Hongkong, mobile phone network, can not use WeChat and other network communications software. The day before yesterday, he returned to Wuhan, opened the WeChat, found a friend in September 30th sent him a message: tomorrow I’m going to get married." Out of courtesy, Mr. Cheng made a blessing SMS, and sent to the other side of a small amount of money a small red envelopes. Unexpectedly, the other was answered: "how so little!" Mr. Zheng suddenly felt very bad. Mr Cheng said, two people met when attending an event, each with a WeChat, usually did not just what communication, send a message in the holidays when. Originally received notice of marriage will feel very awkward, send a red envelope blessing was too little, which makes him feel very uncomfortable. Life is no less heard similar things, happy to share with friends is no problem, but this is not enough and kind or too snobbish.相关的主题文章: