Gif open out the mystery of Murray strange Serena Sharapova steal (video)

GIF: open out the mystery of Murray strange Serena Sharapova steal? The]2016 season open end of the tenth day of the competition, Murray bitterly five were nishikori reversed, Serena 2-1 victory over Halep for eight consecutive years into the semi-finals, Del Botero got four tickets from 3-1 Wawrinka, let us review by a set of dynamic maps to simple. Murray was reversed for four consecutive years, missed the semi-finals of the 2016 season of sports Tencent September 5th us open ended the race on the tenth day of the competition, Murray bitterly five tragic reversal nishikori missed the semi-finals, Serena Williams 2-1 win over Halep for eight consecutive years in the Fala Sheng quite into the semi-finals last night, in the focus of the war against Del Botero, Stanislas 3-1 get the last four tickets, let us on today’s game review by a group of customers. From 2012 to 2016, the French Open, Carolina – Pulis Bokova with 18 race experience made the third round of the Grand Slam breakthrough, after the 14 finals sweep speed big black horse kangniu, the people of Czech for the first time into the Grand Slam semi-finals, she will challenge Serena Williams in the semifinals. Arthur Ashe stadium immediately ushered in the focus of the war Murray and Kei, while the tournament favourites, the other side is at the US Open record well, strong dialogue Murray and Kei contribute many a wonderful shot, with a defensive fight with Kei force have been biting score. The game’s most dramatic scene occurred early in the fourth set, get a break point Murray suffered a sudden and inexplicable noise interference stadium, Murray and the referee after the "fierce" exchange actually lost 7, he eventually with the score 2-3 suffered a reversal of kei. In fact, in the 2013 Australian Open final, Murray had suffered a "feather" crisis, by Murray of the same feather break rhythm to be reversed results. A piece of feathers and even a loud noise has become Murray can not bear the light. Nishikori occupation second career in the US Open semi-finals, continued their unbeaten five against the world in the US and the world’s top ten record. Arthur Ashe the evening feast rujierzhi, Serena Williams and halep showdown is regarded as one of the most exciting season singles, maintain the stability of super Serena for eighth consecutive years in the US broke into the semi-finals, but the most interesting game in a picture of Queen Selena is left-handed. In fact, left-handed has always been Sharapova’s "secret weapon" Serena, this time in Sharapova steal? However, according to previous training video, Serena Williams’s left hand is indeed practiced! As the 2009 champion, inspirational Del Botero has a high popularity in New York, even the Maria of big brother molested smile. Unfortunately, the magic pineapple failed to continue his U.S. tour, with a winner Wawrinka SLR ended the battle. Near the end of the game, the fans in the audience is still Del Botero refuels, emotional pineapple also tears, "he said at the press conference:" I can lose the game, but I will never forget this moment. I’m so proud to have the support of the fans, they gave me a chance tonight!相关的主题文章: