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"Getaway" file 9.14 poster Zhang Yishan through time – "getaway" entertainment Sohu ultimate exposure posters and fixed gear announced the September 14th Zhang Yishan Sohu through time entertainment news before the movie "getaway" ultimate exposure posters and fixed gear announced in September 14th. The poster, Zhang Yishan in the majestic battlefields in a handsome suit style appearance, with a club in a public right of ancient soldiers break. In the fixed gear posters, Zhang Yishan before a change of material in a military uniform, the first exposure modeling modern drama. With a club in his eyes firm, also in September 14th this schedule a great sound. According to director Wu Lin revealed that the film elements rich, well made, not only have new national husband Zhang Yishan now sits, and He Yunwei laugh a lot of secret weapons. It is reported that, in the film, Zhang Yishan is also the first attempt to break through their interpretation of the exquisite costume hero Wu Yi. "Getaway" is the original point of view, in the popular games, space exchange under the cloak, but is more about the young man’s responsibility to set people thinking in comedy. According to the crew broke the news, because the subject is interesting, the shooting process of the whole group into a poor happy state. Starring Zhang Yishan is very dedicated, because there are a lot of night, outdoor play, shooting environment is hard, but he has been the director of excellence, sometimes can play, he will carefully try to figure out. Zhang Yishan also said that he did not see the film, but when it was time to shoot, very emotional.相关的主题文章: