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"Funny bird biography" the Stork was "the most difficult express delivery courier" Sina entertainment news produced by Warner Bros. and Warner Bros. animation group, Nicholas served as Stuller wrote and directed with Doug Eastwood Rand’s comedy Carnival animation adventure "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure" everywhere recently exposed a new tidbits. Tidbits about "funny bird Gaiden: origin of the story of" the adorable treasure. The little boy wanted a human lonely brother, a chance, the boy read Songzi stork story, so he gave the stork, wrote a letter. But when the stork has to follow the trend of the times of reform into the courier company, no longer carry the baby. The stork hill only human girl Xiao Yu inadvertently open a baby making machine produced adorable baby, the best stork courier Junior is in a critical period of promotion and salary raise, was accidentally created adorable treasure like a puzzle hanging over his head, so he and Xiao Yu Group became "send Po agent team, to see off the little trouble in the boss found before. In the face of the forces of the parties to take adorable treasure, Junior and Xiao Yu will be how to change danger into safety? "Funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure is Warner movie animation studio following the "Le tall movies" after the launch of the second animated feature film masterpiece, the classic fable "Songzi stork" to new forms of animation on screen. This animated film not only has a strong production team behind the scenes, Chinese dubbed version was also invited to create "crazy animal city" dubbing team effort, "fruit laugh", is looking forward to multiplication! As of September only a Hollywood animated film "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure has been officially file in September 23rd by 3D, IMAX3D and Chinese IMAX format in China released in mainland. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: