From the north to the south of -27, the bright neon was the darkness of the night

Las Vegas, USA, is a place where dreams can be made, especially in the night when all sorts of dreamy neon lights are printed. Every night at nine points in the old city of Las Vegas will be staged on the streets of the magnificent show of light and sound. More than sixteen million kinds of color combination of the screen in the light of the world by the twelve million and five hundred thousand light-emitting diodes constitute the largest sky in front of the world, shocking.


street, Las Vegas

fee street

under the huge canopy of the St. Paul Street, is the birthplace of Las Vegas casino culture. The first street in Las Vegas, the first casino gambling, the first high-rise, the first movie theater and so on are produced here. Hollywood on the large casino is also here to shoot. But because the Las Vegas Boulevard more luxurious Casino Hotel a home built here is declining. But every night the sky sound and light show, or attracted a lot of tourists come to feel some.


street, Las Vegas

when I stand on the Fremont Street looked like Liu grandmother into the Grand View Garden, in the face of people dizzy world, did not even know the decide on what path to follow.

image above: a visitor is sliding over the cables under the canopy

head gorgeous sky, people constantly screaming from the sky is fast "fly" to the other end; all kinds of restaurants to the casino, the door decoration gorgeous, neon colors and forms will shine like the day here.

above: sexy girl on the bar counter of

open on the stage of a beauty DJ with the world’s best music, passing tourists will sometimes rise with the rhythm of a few twisting body; beside the bar stood a bikinis young girl, is attracting giggle and flirt fro the guests.

above: a street artist painted with paint on

street artist

in the middle of the street is more of every hue artists on the streets, some of them dressed as a movie or a cartoon classic image of waiting for the guests with their photo; others are wearing a feather in three point type, can be split dancer; there is only wearing underwear, plus two small pads, like porn sexy to attract curious visitors to photo.

image above: the feathered dancer on

StreetOne of the most interesting things about

is a middle-aged man with a beer belly. He is also wearing a pair of pink underwear and bra. He also wears a pair of pink and tender rabbit ears. A strong contrast, so that he was particularly eye-catching, I think he must have reached the eye-catching;