French company launched smart heels can be used to adjust the height of app



for the French company launched a height adjustable heels high-heeled shoes.

held in January this year, the international consumer electronics show, a French company launched two smart heels attract many eyes. These two shoes not only support the movement tracking, but also through the matching of the height and temperature of the APP wireless remote control. Although smart devices such as sensors, wireless chips and motors have increased the weight and volume of their shoes, their appearance has opened the door to the era of smart heels.

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, designed specifically for women’s smart high-heeled shoes, as early as last March, first introduced in Lithuania. It’s extraordinary that it has a flexible electronic ink screen, users can choose their favorite colors and textures. In addition, it is also equipped with Bluetooth and wireless charging device. This set of "Yan" and "science and technology" in a high heels, immediately attracted a large number of women’s eyes.

smart shoes for the first time turned actually in the field of sports shoes. Since the German Adidas company will be the first computer chip implanted sports shoes, the development of smart shoes began to become the trend of the world market. At the end of 2016, the United States Nike launched a pair of shoes can be automatically tied shoelaces. Previously, Germany and the United States and a number of shoe brand has also launched a variety of new smart shoes can sense the movement of the user.

In addition to the comfort and convenience of the

, the development of the function of the navigation function, smart shoes in the field of health management and even physical games have also been extended.

in January this year, South Korea’s Samsung Corp launched a smart golf shoes. This shoe will use the built-in sensor to measure the gravity center of the athlete, the position and data synchronization to the smart phone. In this way, the golf players or their coaches will immediately know whether the action is consistent with the standard.

currently, wearable intelligent equipment, intelligent shoe market although not the largest shipments, but its unique irreplaceable. However, the smart shoes, automatic power generation function is still in the early stages of exploration and development, most of the smart shoes or to replace the battery or charging as a way to supplement its power.

intelligent era to people’s lives has brought a rich and colorful transformation. It is undeniable that the continuous improvement of the function of smart shoes at the same time, and mobile phones and other smart devices connected to the gradual realization of its interoperability with all aspects of human life. It can be predicted that the future of smart shoes will gradually achieve a wide range of things, such as the control of automotive, air conditioning, smart TV, etc..