Free WiFi coverage Beijing Zhongguancun area


after nearly three years of construction, "Haidian District My-haidian" free wireless network coverage has reached more than 3 thousand at present, the progressive realization of the wireless network within the jurisdiction of the government, science and technology parks, Community streets, transport stations, schools and district a total of six major categories of regional coverage, free and open to the public.

reporter came to the coverage of one of the Tsinghua University Simon, come up with a mobile phone connected to the wireless network "My-haidian" trial, connecting the wireless network generally requires three steps. First, search for "My-haidian" and connected, pop-up after the registration page to register to use the mobile phone number, fill out the mobile phone will receive the verification code, then returned to the login page to fill in the mobile phone number and verification code to start the internet. From registration to login, the whole process just two minutes. It is understood that the Zhongguancun area of the wireless network bandwidth of 5000 megabytes, a total of 450 wireless access hotspots, can meet the same time more than 20 thousand people to ensure smooth experience.

Haidian District started free wireless network construction from 2014, by the end of 2016, the public service area coverage reached more than 3 thousand, of which the government has opened 82 service areas, science and Technology Park Service Area 11, social service area 386, transport station service area 457, a total of 68 primary and secondary schools, vocational high school, business services area of more than 2000.

2017, Haidian free wireless network project will continue to build more than 1000 regions, and ultimately the main government service area, area of the technology park, major medical institutions, stadiums, parks, scenic residential public venues and transportation hub free wireless network coverage.