Fourth CHITEC Beidou satellite navigation industry development forum held in Beijing-candle june

Fourth CHITEC Beidou satellite navigation industry development forum held in Beijing – new network in Mianyang in September 23, (Yang Yong Dong Yuanyuan) 23, the "Beidou satellite application industry leading innovation application development" as the theme of the fourth Expo Beidou satellite navigation industry innovation development forum held in Sichuan, Mianyang, the forum aims to fully play the advantages of large compound, leading enterprises, industry associations, industry alliance, specialization, market-oriented perspective, putting forward some suggestions on the innovation and development of the Beidou industry, give advice and suggestions. The forum is divided into Beidou satellite navigation industry innovation and development forum and the integration of heaven and earth applications and services forum. Forum, Beijing satellite navigation Productivity Promotion Center Director Li Donghang, Sichuan Jiuzhou electric Refco Group Ltd deputy chief engineer Zhang Jihong, China Electronic Technology Group Limited fifty-fourth Research Institute senior engineer Yin Shunzeng, Chinese Information Communication Research Institute senior project director Liu Siyang respectively on their respective theme made a speech. According to the Mianyang Municipal Committee, Mianyang City Party committee deputy secretary, deputy director of Administrative Committee of Mianyang science and Technology City, municipal SASAC party secretary Yan Chao introduced in 2014 by the national development and Reform Commission, Mianyang named the first national ten Beidou satellite navigation industry regional major demonstration city, the construction of the wisdom of Mianyang tourism service system and intelligent public traffic the service system, and achieved fruitful results. And take this as an opportunity, the group engaged in Jiuzhou Beidou products research and development, production and service of universities, research institutes and enterprises, initiated the establishment of the Sichuan Beidou satellite navigation industry alliance, to build Sichuan Beidou qianyiji industry chain. At present, Mianyang has formed a number of Changhong HUAWEI on behalf of Jiuzhou, good advantage to enhance the Mianyang Beidou Beidou enterprises, the competitiveness of the industry, but also promote the national industrial development compass. Sichuan Province, deputy director of the Commission by letter Gu Hongsong said, Sichuan completed the construction of the satellite navigation and location based services platform, promote the integration of the Beidou and communication network, the Internet, the development of things, to promote the application of Beidou in tourism wisdom, intelligent transportation, logistics monitoring, e-commerce and other areas related to people’s livelihood. At the same time, we also cultivate and develop a number of outstanding enterprises. It is reported that the Beidou as one of the four global satellite navigation system, is an important national space infrastructure, National Science and technology major projects, but also a model of military and civilian integration technology. (end)相关的主题文章: