Four new investors forecast 2017, and open exclusive BP Channel – to us science and technology Sohu


star VC are started from a small workshop, repeatedly experienced the rational and intuitive gamble, eventually and the future through.

do early venture capital, there is no time to grind out. But this is only a result of the battlefield, the most valuable card on the hands of investment is not capital, but their anticipation.

fortunately, Hangzhou has China’s largest Internet Co Ali, there are tens of thousands of smart minds to understand the internet. In addition to Zhejiang private capital rich and active, the capital began to gradually become high quality, thus the investment strength began to show a robust, simple and pragmatic temperament, angel investors with more strong personal color.

we invited several of Hangzhou’s new investor B12 provides BP channel exclusive, and attempts to explore some of the 2017 forecast password from them.

old 80

Angel Bay partner in the materialistic son skin

people to natural legislation, the first self legislation

Jinhua Aquarius

BP channel :

preference field : intelligence +, IP+, medical big data, Internet banking.

case : Star Ocean Pier, under the kitchen, chasing Book artifact, small loving, one gene, eight day online, aunt

Angel Bay partner of materialistic son skin

The argument

the winter of 2016, angel Bay still dropped nearly 40 projects. Over the past 6 years, more than 40% Angel Bay projects have received the next round of financing, good results.

Angel Bay boasts "the pilgrim" since the bay of angels "unless the world as I wish, we would like to be that life is devoted to entrepreneurs", with a little taste of religion and humanism. There are three religious symbols on the ceiling of any negotiation room, which means "the first three feet of the gods": both the investor and the entrepreneur, take responsibility for every word you say.

, however, investors often can not be too romantic, the so-called ideal but not ideal. Adidas founder Angel Bay has the temperament of a poet, and director of investment partner of the skin is more rational color. Cooperation of two;