Five years with the Samsung mobile phone 4 young men the next phone should also buy Samsung

with the conference held in January 23rd, Samsung Note7 recall was finally settled, President of Samsung Electronics wireless division DJ Koh said, "the conclusions from the point of view, Galaxy Note7 burning loss due to battery." Meanwhile, Samsung once again apologized to consumers.

exactly what consumers think? From then on, or as a result of the change to support Samsung? And listen to several Samsung users say.

used a lot of Samsung, the experience has been good."

"Note7 have a problem? But I think it’s good!"

"I will continue to support samsung!"

even some Note7 users, even after the incident, still reluctant to give up their own hands Note7. According to reports, in the process of Note7 recall, even if Samsung gives very tempting subsidies, but there are still 100 thousand of consumers do not want to participate in the recall plan back to my mobile phone in the network, some old users miss Note7’s voice also emerge in an endless stream. For these users, Samsung had to launch the death firmware forced to update the phone on the hands of these users, limiting its charging function, in order to achieve the purpose of recycling.

Liu claimed to be Samsung’s loyal fans, since three or four years ago after the unit to draw a Samsung Note2 is a get out of hand with samsung. Is the beginning of love Samsung mobile phone color, it is blue, it is pink, other brands do not come out of the tender color. After a Note2, a Note3, Miss Liu for a Samsung S4, you see this arc, this aspect ratio is perfect." Miss Liu took out his S4 continue to introduce, "mobile phone automatic beauty camera function is the beginning of the samsung."

Samsung users in this view, compared with other brands, Samsung is the first to dare, has always been to lead the configuration of the. We remember that the big mobile phone, LCD, high resolution, and so on, are starting from Samsung, and then extended to other mobile phone brands. Single said screen, the industry agreed that Samsung’s mobile phone screen is good, even apple mobile phone also uses Samsung screen.

is currently retired, Ms. Chen has been using Samsung mobile phone, she does not like young people to pursue the new Samsung mobile phone, but if I have to change the mobile phone will still want to replace Samsung, the middle she listened to his son’s advice with two other brands of mobile phone are not used for back. I can not say how good Samsung in the end, but with other brands always feel bad or uncomfortable here, Ms. Chen said.

is now working in Shanghai, Mr. Wang in the past five years with a total of 4 Samsung mobile phones, S1, i9100, N7100, S7 edge. For him, the Samsung mobile phone with a lot of people, there will be a lot of experts in the Android forum to teach everyone to brush machine, which is the greatest fun outside of work;