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Broadband-Internet There are cell phone providers and there are talk time providers. What makes Cricket Wireless in Chicago a totally different entity is the fact that it is your one stop shop for your cell phone and talk time related requirements. After capturing the hearts and minds of seven million customers all over the country, Cricket is now reaching out to other parts of the country to cater to newer clientele. If you are wondering if you should opt for Cricket broadband and wireless services from one of the five Cricket stores in Chicago set up by GlobalKom Wireless, here are five compelling reasons you should do so. The best smart phones in the market GlobalKom Wireless, the best Cricket dealer in Chicago can provide you with a top class smart phone at an unbelievable price, in addition to broadband and wireless services. Whether you love Samsung or Blackberry, Cricket in Chicago has all that you need. However, the connection doesnt end there unlike in case of other cell phone dealers. Whether you love smart phones from top brands or want the latest features such as the MP3 player or high resolution camera, the Cricket cell phone Chicago can surely provide a good solution. Best coverage plans Cricket Wireless in Chicago offers you excellent coverage plans if you already have a cell phone. If you have to work around a stringent budget for your wireless services each month, then this provider is the right choice. There are Android plans with nationwide talk, text and 3G data download facility. There are economical smaller budget $35 per month plans as well for those on a shoestring budget. There are PayGo prepaid cell phone plans too, including unlimited talk time and unlimited messaging services. Ongoing support and tips Cricket Wireless Chicago is provides you with ongoing support and customer service that ensures that you never feel stuck with an issue that refuses to be resolved. With Cricket wireless services, you can be part of a bustling community, getting tips about your smart phones, coverage and the perfect phone plans. Besides, you can enjoy nationwide coverage across 50 states, making sure that you are always connected to colleagues, friends and family members. Enjoyable shopping experience You can pick your favorite smart phone from any of the Cricket Wireless locations, Chicago has. If you cannot visit a store personally, you can either call the Cricket wireless stores in Chicago or even logon to their website for information about the services offered. In addition to the various services they offer, their website also offers you the details about Cricket wireless locations in Chicago. Great value and minimal concerns The best part about Cricket Wireless phones and plans is that there is you need not worry about signing contracts. You can pick and choose your plan and enjoy the flexibility. You can even look for pricing and availability any time online. There are incredible deals from time to time as well, ensuring that save a significant amount of money on smart phones and their coverage plans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: