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Customer Service Painting large structures such as buildings and tanks should be left to the hands of skilled painting contractors. These contractors know their job well and have a thorough knowledge of all the materials needed for a certain painting job. You can get their services by getting in touch with a big construction firm or with a small .pany. There is a big difference between hiring big-time contractors and getting a small team. Major construction firms usually accept all kinds of home improvement job. They do subcontracting in order to get workers to do their work. For this reason, they charge a higher fee for paint and labor mainly due to the extra money they pay to subcontract workers. Their markup for their products such as paint and primer are also very high typically up to 400 percent. In addition, they usually have salesmen who do the estimation of the project and earn through .mission. On the other hand, small .panies with only a few teams offer lower rates for their equally quality painting service. These firms do not rely on big markups and salesmen but can provide good painting work as well despite having a small number of painters. In searching for the right paint contractor, contact a home improvement store where you usually purchase your materials and ask for referrals. For sure, you can get a few reliable referrals from there. Once you have a list of prospects, always make sure to ask for their references. Doing so can help you verify from people they have worked with before whether or not they are .petent and professional in their job. You may also ask to see their previous work if possible. Do some research as well on the types of paint available and where they are best suited before getting a contractor. Paint may either be exterior paint or interior paint. It .es in gloss, semi-gloss, flat latex and enamel. A mix of semi-gloss and enamel is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms while flat latex is best for the bedroom because of its soft and smooth look. Also, remember to pay the contractor only after their job is done. Never pay any deposit before signing a contract or pay in advance even while still in the middle of their work. Beware that some .panies may ask for money while doing the job and may not .e back anymore. Some salesmen may prompt you as well to sign a contract beforehand and ask for a deposit. Paint contractors abound in Montgomery, Birmingham and Atlanta. If you are in these areas, We Paint It Industrial Painters can service your .pany for your painting requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: