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Female teachers beating doctor induced urinary incontinence to settle in Shanghai by the public against the original title: suspected medical women want to be settled in Shanghai controversial agency department will review the relevant circumstances: November 2nd London reporter Liu Yilin reports: Recently, some people found suspected had a female teacher for medical acts in Shanghai, after more than the public sector has to the media and the community reflects the situation, said the agency department, will review the relevant circumstances. At present, the event has been on the Internet continue to ferment, many medical staff and the public have said it is difficult to accept such behavior has been settled policy. It is understood that the incident is the October 24th Shanghai Municipal People’s Insurance Bureau website publicity of the "Shanghai residence permit" personnel for permanent residence in the city list, including 507th bid for the staff, it is the Miao Qibao middle school. Many people pointed out that the "Miao" is the last country medical doctor Samuel a maternity and wounded. It is reported that in September 26th last year, a doctor in Shanghai International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital female teacher Miao hit fracture, urinary incontinence. After the incident, the city community sector tonight through the official micro-blog responded: Recently, there are people on my bureau "in turn households who settled in the public list a suspected" medical personnel "doubt, and reflect the supervision of telephone hotlines. After verification, the relevant city "in turn" who settled in the list, according to the relevant department of the District People Club departments to report the material audit in accordance with the regulations, the application materials of related staff real procedures clearly, in October 24th entered the stage of publicity. According to the public, we will review the relevant circumstances. At the same time, the reporter found that, in addition to denounce some of the big V network, many medical personnel also said it is difficult to accept such a person in Shanghai. A doctor said, firmly opposed, people should be responsible for their actions!" Some people said, "resolutely voting" no ", can not let the bad guys succeed", and the medical staff said, "the netizen is really very powerful, although this is the network of violence, but her household registration audit should be suspended!"…… Oriental Network reporter today from Shanghai International Peace Maternity and child health hospital was informed that the hospital currently has been on the Internet is concerned about the matter, but the hospital and when it has not responded on the matter. Have medical acts who can successfully settled in Shanghai? Reporter will continue to focus on the progress of the event. Source: Oriental Network相关的主题文章: