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Female college students answer the phone to cheat when police arresting police really was when the liar author Nanfang Daily reporter Li Ronghua false true and false, no non. Shenzhen female college student Huang Mouqi received home a landline phone, is difficult to extricate themselves into the trap of liar stories, even the Shenzhen police to inform her also don’t believe, how to do the critical moment? In September 21st, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Bureau of anti fraud telecommunications network center (anti fraud Center) to inform the media this case. Speaking of things from September 3rd at 9:30 in the morning, female college student Huang Mouqi home landline rang, she did not look carefully took. Each claiming to be the "SF" intelligent customer service, suggesting that she has a mail called two times no answer, said this is the last call, don’t pick up not to express the query processing, please press 9". Huang Mouqi thought the family may express to forget, just the cell door had let me get it outlets sf. Then press the "9", she did not think this is the beginning of fraud. The other hand to the customer service, asked whether Huang Mouqi is XXX, Huang Mouqi said yes, and wondered why she was courier, because she had just returned home a few days. Then the other said she had a letter from Shanghai to Hongkong express by the Hongkong customs stopped, suspected illegal, there is her 2 counterfeit Id original and 3 copies, Hongkong customs may therefore sue for her. Huang Mouqi a hearing on the nervous, and just went to Shanghai early in the year, worried that he was the identity of the information leaked by criminals. By then the criminals to verify the identity, to deceive Huang Mouqi, said she was involved in cases of child trafficking, a part of the money into her account, and by claiming to be "Interpol captain Yang" intimidation, Huang told Mouqi for gospel truth of yourself and your family bank card, passbook and other information. Huang Mouqi asked her father to really trust her bank card information, his father also told her. Huang Mouqi also recalled that during the dialogue and a liar, really police continue to call her, she actually thought the police is to cheat criminal gangs, and liar call, liar let her tell him the number, a telecommunications company query arrangement. He said he had nothing to do except his phone. In this way, Huang Mouqi is still in tension and worry. And at the other end, Shenzhen city emergency center according to the anti fraud intelligence clues reflect: a female college student is likely to use online fraudsters being false wanted to commit fraud posing as public security officers, must immediately find the victim and effectively discouraged; this important clue, anti fraud Center Ma will feedback to the Longgang branch of Interpol brigade. After receiving the command, the Longgang branch of Interpol brigade immediately on the clues are analyzed and judged, quickly find out the victim Huang Mouqi temporary address and contact telephone number, an instruction Luogang police station to the temporary address to find Huang Mouqi, on the other hand through the call, send text messages to remind Huang Mouqi. However, Huang Mouqi’s cell phone has been in the call, the police also feedback"相关的主题文章: