Faye Wong appeared at the conference security level high enough to collect multiple documents to ent face gossip

Faye Wong appeared at the conference security level high collection of multiple documents to enter the admission – the new Faye Wong debut full of gas. The organizers for Beijing September 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Meng) Faye Wong for years in the music scene of high cold image and classic is impressive, but rarely appeared in public in recent years. Yesterday, Faye Wong magic music a 2016 concert held in Beijing, she was wearing a purple dress appeared, fairy gas. Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter observed, Faye Wong the event has drawn attention to the activities in the field of security is very strict, not only need admission of multiple certificates, the organizers is not allowed to take pictures repeatedly play VCR link. Activity site. The organizers for activities in the field of high security level collect multiple documents before admission since 2010 held after the tour, Faye Wong moves in music is gradually reduced, now again after a lapse of 6 years concert, a news caused concern and fans from all walks of life. In order to ensure the smooth conduct of the day, the organizers from the preparatory period on the details of the release is very cautious. Before the event, the organizers repeatedly reminded the media need to carry an identity card, business card to enter. Yesterday, the reporter arrived at the scene early to wait and see the hotel security level is very high, not only require the media to wait outside a certain area, but also very alert to the crowd. Start 1 hours ago, reporters in the relevant media group registration can be through the first hurdle, then show the identity check correct information shall be by second points, with relevant documents and stamp in the hand before entering the venue. Faye Wong and partners. The organizers for many rumors were confirmed: Faye Wong fare more than 7 thousand, with Dou Jingtong Faye Wong in the early stage of the upcoming concert officially announced the news before, there are already rumors spread like wildfire. Among them, even at the beginning of the August Faye Wong Concert Poster exposure, picture of Faye Wong wearing a black dress, look elegant, at the same time, the lower right of the photo and "only a" and "global exclusive live + on-demand page". At that time, its agent Chen Jiaying had denied the authenticity of the poster in micro-blog, the company authorized and commissioned, the name of the unit on the poster did not have any cooperation agreement with me, hereby clarify". But from yesterday’s activities can be seen, when a lot of information on the poster was said. Among them, Faye Wong concert really do only once, and the so-called exclusive broadcast of the world will be responsible for Tencent video. In addition, the fare is about rumors everywhere, there is news that the most expensive fare is 7000 yuan, the cheapest at least 1000 yuan; there is news that the purchase of VIP concert tickets will also receive at least 1000 yuan worth of brand-name bags. In this regard, Chen Jiaying also clarified yesterday, all the rumors are false". But the reporter also learned that the concert ticket price indeed and hearsay is similar, the most expensive tickets for 7800 yuan, the cheapest is 1800 yuan, while the consumption of limited ability to take care of some fans, the price of 1800 yuan tickets will be accounted for nearly half. As for Dou Jingtong will not climb)相关的主题文章: