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Father and son "contra" Vivian Wu set file release comedy queen Vivian Wu show entertainment nature – Sohu Sohu bright smile entertainment news in October 25th, the movie "contra" and held fixed gear conference in Beijing, announced the movie file July 21, 2017. Director Yuan Weidong, screenwriter, producer and starring Su Liang, Wei Fan, Zhang Tianai, Vivian Wu, Peng, Qiao Shan, Liang Long attended a public key creative personnel. The stars intimate interaction, frequent jokes, strength acting queen Vivian Wu to join the film has become a spectacle. The release of Vivian Wu comedy nature exposes interesting movie studio and "contra" tells the story of Wei Fan and the composition of the "most Dapeng deceive his soldiers after a series of tests of life and death, and ultimately eliminate barriers to the enemy’s story. The little comedy movie Vivian Wu try to show her high comedy talent, not only in the movie bold love Wei Fan, is the frequent use of "daozhui" tactics, all kinds of affection to each other is unable to parry. At the press conference, Vivian Wu also said "this is all I took in the play laugh the most, in the process of reform trial makeup in fixing, very happy," recalled the stories at the time of the shooting, she smiled and said: "you will start a little put not to open, then the director said to myself ‘you play yourself’, simply let go play." The queen tease hair beauty charm "said Wei Fan kill the worth chasing in the movies" played by Vivian Wu Wu Xianxian happy pursuit of Wei Fan’s fan hero, but in the conference site, Wei Fan boldly staged her sister to drama, "the pursuit of" Vivian Wu, "tease hair kill", "eyes kill" a lot, a change in the film by the queen daozhui make anthomaniac plot, and countless instant food. In the interview, Vivian Wu praised Wei Fan in life is a very attractive person, worth chasing, when Wei Fan was asked "for example," the Queen’s face suddenly shy won laughter. The film is scheduled to release the July 21, 2017 summer file release, looking forward to this comedy dark horse will bring joy and surprise.   相关的主题文章: