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Farewell to the strenuous renovated 4 tips to save money easily fix?? we ordinary people, decoration is really laborious, not good for building materials, design won’t be a heart. Perhaps the most headaches is to spend a lot of money, found not practical, finally is not lost, leaving is not completely the design of chicken ribs. Therefore, here Xiaobian to introduce four tips to save money for your home, Home Furnishing decoration excellence. ?? Decoration money coup 1 showcase for wood panels?? from the ceiling to save money can use their brains. In addition to the cabinet wall nail has moisture-proof function, but also by weight considerations. If the wall does not have the problem of water seepage, there is no heavy objects, you can not nail cabinet panels. This face like Zhuwo display cabinets, mainly to personal collections and the owner placed cosmetics, the designers did not nail on the wall, which will save money and beauty. ?? Decoration save money coup 2 partitions for the locker room?? the locker room cheaper than a wardrobe designer, children from the housing stole nearly 1 Ping (1 Ping to 3.3 square meters) of space, changing rooms with wooden stick it out, in order to beauty, designers also dug a hole in the ceiling for modeling. ?? Decoration save money coup 3 three side windows form the most money?? balcony wall, originally there were windows, but because too old, designer of the original windows removed, and then replaced the new windows. Secure the most cost-effective approach is to use three side windows, collocation 5mm thick glass, if using lattice shape windows, prices more than 1 times. ?? Decoration save money coup 4 lattice glass replace lattice landing doors leading to the balcony?? landing door, the owner would have preferred to make the landing door aluminum lattice more changes, but the budget is inadequate, designers will use to replace the lattice as a lattice door glass, landing effect, the price is 1 more than half of the province. ?? For ordinary consumers, housing decoration is the largest investment in life, everyone hopes the family decoration is beautiful and save money, however, due to the lack of professional knowledge, the user can easily be deceived by taking some decoration materials. Sina to remind consumers whether it is their own procurement, or commissioned by the company’s procurement of decoration, the number of home decoration materials in the hearts of the need to have spectrum, so as not to spend money wronged". How to reasonably estimate the decoration material? 1, the amount of floor tiles. ?? If the floor size is 30 ×, 5 cm, 5 cm; 30, 1 square metre per shop to the ground floor need about 10, multiplied by the number of square metres of rooms, the number of materials. Because the ground floor tile mosaic edges are often used to cut the size of the room on the ground, the best first according to the sketch, in the choice of pattern and determine the depth, how much the Asachi I block, and can accurately calculate how many piece of floor tiles, tiles in the types of adhesives for many of the most used rubber, plastic adhesive glue can be used, the common market with 401 glue, 4116 glue, rubber flooring and other varieties, generally 1 kg can be pasted 4 – floor tiles 6 square meters, if too much used, days after the glue is easy to crack in the squeezed out from the floor of the pollution of the ground, it is difficult to clean if the glue, less, will occur after drying out of the ground floor.相关的主题文章: