Fantasy Share Trading Competitions – The Pros And

UnCategorized If you do a search online you will find that there are now lots of free fantasy share trading competitions you can enter. Many of these stock market games even offer some decent prizes for the winners, so is it worth entering these competitions? Well I think it largely depends on how much experience you have as an investor. If you have been buying and selling shares for several years then you could argue that your time could probably be better spent researching shares for your own investment portfolio rather than a fantasy portfolio. It also depends on the prizes that are offered. If there is a life-changing amount of money to be won, for example, then I think they are well worth joining because you have a real incentive to try and win, plus of course you will probably have a lot of fun as well. However if the prizes are not that great, then I would probably advise against entering these competitions. If you are an inexperienced investor, however, then these competitions offer many additional benefits. For a start you will learn how to buy and sell shares, and by watching how these shares perform you will learn how the share prices are influenced by the overall market and the various news releases that have a direct impact on your chosen companies. You will also learn from any mistakes you make. For instance watching the share price of your investments fall dramatically after you have bought them will teach you about the importance of using stop losses to protect your capital. This is important because it’s much better to learn these mistakes on a fictional share portfolio than a real one. The only drawback to these fantasy share trading games is that they cannot capture the emotions that exist only when you are trading with your own money. If you lose money in one of these games it doesn’t really matter but your mindset is completely different when it’s your own money at risk. So these competitions can never really reflect real-life trading, but I still think they are worth joining if you are new to stock market investing. They can provide you with a decent education and will teach you the basics of trading. If you are a more experienced investor then they are not so beneficial because you will probably not learn anything from them. Your only incentive for entering these competitions is to try and win the prizes that are on offer. However if they are not that great to begin with, then a lot of seasoned investors will find them to be a waste of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: