Fall back to the main self-help Angelo transformation and loss of nearly billion winavi video converter

Fall back to the main self-help Angelo transformation and loss of nearly billion before because of generous investment in Internet banking was the job of the garment enterprises Angelo announced in July 2015 to return to the garment industry, and the development of the Internet technology industry chain based on private custom C2B. But the transformation of the occasion of the year, Angelo first half of 2016 net profit loss of nearly billion yuan, this is the first loss since the establishment of the angelo. The industry believes that many clothing companies get together to the Internet, to carry out online and offline linkage of private customized services, but there is no obvious difference between each other. Seemingly high-end private custom will eventually become standardized customization". The performance of the first loss of the semi annual report released nearly billion domestic high-end menswear brand Angelo before the show, the performance of the company for the first time since the establishment of a loss. Net profit of shareholders of listed companies fell as high as 97 million yuan, an increase of $229.6% over the same period last year. In addition to net profit decline, the company’s revenue fell 7.9% to $925 million. At the same time, the deduction of non net profit fell as high as 138 million yuan, down by 366.3%. Main gross profit margin was 53.64%, down from last year’s same period of 5.15%. Beijing Daily reporter found that access to earnings, the first half of the fiscal year, Angelo’s only HAZZYS brand gross margin weak promotion, including the main brand, Angelo, other brands are in decline is mainly due to decline in gross margin. In this regard, Angelo analysis, macro economic downturn, consumers see gradually wide, changing consumer attitudes and the impact of the Internet economy and the adverse effects caused by the huge pressure of the retail terminal company, revenue decline. It is understood that, although the net profit for the first time Angelo losses, but the decline in performance in 2013 has emerged. In 2013, Angelo owned by the parent company net profit of 160 million yuan, down 66.35% over the same period last year; in 2014 the parent company net profit of 134 million yuan, down 16.6% over the same period last year; in 2015 the parent company net profit also fell to 108 million yuan, down 19.55%. The first half closed hundreds of stores in addition to the clothing retail industry environment is not good, the electricity supplier competition intensified external adverse factors, continuous Angelo terminal retail weakness and internal multi brand management has poor relations. The latest reports show that the first half of Angelo headquarters number 1232, reduced 88 compared to the beginning. In addition to the number of parent brand Angelo line stores by 3.5% to 763, compared to the year 28 stores, revenue 425 million yuan, down 20.97%, a subsidiary of brand flange Liston 66 stores, compared with the number of 25 stores, down 27.5%, revenue fell 9.36%; singjet Luodian number 74, last year shop 57, the number of down 43.5%, revenue fell 57.47%; European Jazz store number 27, with the number of 2 stores, down 6.9%, revenue fell 30.88%. Through the calculation of the Beijing Daily reporter found that Angelo company 1 main brands and 4 sub brands in the second half of this year a total of 112 stores closed. In this regard, the industry analysis相关的主题文章: