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Expert: Chinese " anti access area denial capability of "   Dongfeng -26 range covering Guam – Military – data figure: Dongfeng -26 missile September 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Huang Zijuan) recently, foreign media reported that the China military is developing long-range cruise missile precise guidance, in part to to prevent foreign carriers China at or near the coast, which will greatly limit the U.S. aircraft carrier combat capability. Military expert Li Jie in an interview with China said, enhance the "anti intervention area denial capabilities, so that the United States cannot be unconscionable to take military action, which is in recent years to intervene in the South China Sea issue and an important reason to improve ability of aircraft carrier formation. The new U.S. security center recently released a report that, although the United States Navy in the global waters enjoy freedom of action, but this challenge will be the end of the dominant position. Because, in recent years, including China, Russia, Iran, including many countries invested heavily to enhance the ability to intervene in the region, such as advanced air defense systems, anti-ship missiles, submarines and aircraft carriers, etc.. Chinese military is developing accurate long-range cruise missile guidance, in part to prevent foreign aircraft approaching the coast China. Such foreign carriers must move far away from the coast, the combat radius of Shipborne fighter plane is also affected by that. These will greatly limit the operational capabilities of U.S. aircraft carriers. For long-range anti-ship missiles and precision guided weapons threats, there are concerns that the carrier can be competent for future combat environment, and the idea of large aircraft, small aircraft carriers faster and more flexible alternative to bulky, to avoid enemy fire, and from the aircraft carrier platform for UAV landing. It was also proposed that the aircraft carrier to add more defensive technology or install missile interceptor equipment. Some people even fear that the future aircraft carrier will be obsolete, however, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier that the power projection capabilities and fighter group is a decisive advantage of the United States Army is better than the other army in the world. Li Jie believes that the United States is very worried about the anti-ship missiles, large bombers on the aircraft carrier formation brings serious challenge in his country’s so-called offshore navigation and leap of freedom, China enhance the anti-ship missile, bomber long-range capability, especially to strengthen the air cruise missile configuration, enhance the "anti access area denial capabilities, it can not be unconscionable take military action, which is the United States in recent years continue to intervene in the South China Sea issue and important reason to enhance its ability of aircraft carrier formation. Li Jie said that last year 9.3 big parade announced the sword -10 cruise missile, Dongfeng -21D anti-ship missile and Dongfeng -26 long-range ballistic missiles and other weapons, especially Dongfeng -26, can reach a maximum range of three thousand or four thousand kilometers, from Chinese along the coast of the mainland arrived in Guam on the actual distance only 2800 km. So, the distance is within the range of our missiles, which is the most worrying place in the United states. (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Cui Dong)相关的主题文章: