Evening news Barcelona announced the signing of the Holland keeper exposure to sign inter Suning thi-doat

Evening news: Barcelona announced the signing of the Holland keeper exposure to sign inter Suning thigh R Ma weather forecast information reported to the evening before the first weather forecast, August 26th us tomorrow, cold air across the Yangtze River, southern rainfall enhancement, rainfall center will be moved to the south of the Yangtze River, the north area is gradually restored to the fine weather. All outdoor exercise, an invigorating autumn climate, travel trip go!   tomorrow focus events draw ceremony draw and award ceremony 00:00 Champions League group phase 19:00 group phase 20:30 international basketball warm-up match USA basketball men’s basketball team in Germany VS   Barcelona officially announced to join the Holland keeper 13 million euros to sign 5 years for > > Barcelona’s official website statement said, the team and Xilai Sen signed for 5 years. Barcelona paid 13 million euros for the introduction of floating and Clause 2 million Xilai Sen, the euro, his penalty in terms of 60 million euros.   Peake: Barcelona Spain is the best team in history before Guardiola Aiman Liansheng details > > Peake was at Manchester United, and now his mentor Guardiola picked up the Manchester City coach when asked which team he supports, Peake said: "compared with PEP and Manchester United, I still more love united. Because I had some very good season in Manchester, I have been to United as my second hometown, I will always be a part of the red devils. Although I admit that I love Manchester City, because there are a lot of my people, such as Beguiristain has helped me a lot, as well as gas and Silva. I am a fan of the Premier League, this is a league that you can quickly attract."   Juventus 28 million Italy international sale within 24 hours to go to the premier medical details > > Juventus in the transfer market this summer harvest a lot, despite Pogba’s departure, but the team introduced Gonzalo Higuain, Alves, and several other run on his strength of the war, is also a clean-up team at Juventus super, according to reports, the Italy striker will leave this week.   Hong Kong will deny Erickson class exposure according to the contract has been renewed automatically for 1 years details > > American media "Fawkes sports" exposed the news, the Hong Kong Club is in contact with the Italy coach, Marcello Lippi, ready to replace Lippi’s club coach Erickson. However, Hong Kong has denied this statement yesterday, Erickson signed with the Hong Kong is a 2+1 contract, has triggered the contract terms, and the Hong Kong Club Erickson has signed a one-year contract extension automatically.   FIFA rating: AFC Champions League Luneng debut Majiate disappointed King Road red bad details > > FIFA said in a comment on Luneng game, the first show is AFC Champions League Majiate disappointing in the first half, Seoul scored 2 goals, although Monti free kick slightly Luneng draw, but Stankovic assists Adriano scored the 2 goal lead to Seoul again, and the game.相关的主题文章: