Europe and the United States netizens EDG defeated the Chinese team as we always respect

Europe and the United States netizens EDG defeated the Chinese team, as always, we respect the S6 world finals in September 30th in the United States kicked off in San Francisco. The game time from September 30th to October 10th for the group stage, every day will be in the form of BO1 six games. In today’s C group showdown, INTZ team against EDG. But the match result contrary to all expectations, the INTZ of the game to play well, blind monk INTZ Revolta led the whole rhythm, on a single Yang to carry the 6-2-7 data in the. As a wild card team, INTZ really stunning debut. The following is the foreign friends of the game comments: South Korean friends: Nogul:INTZ’s wild really strong, ah, those who say INTZ bald home? Coco: it is the Brazil team ah, this play is not a joke. Wokkang: the Chinese team is really interesting. Ishmael:ESPN how to choose clearlove as the first hit wild? BlekbeRi: the first day a good mood ah ~ as long as Samsung won Jiuhaola ~ Ikkgimi: not that EDG will team victory qualify? AHA: cyclone and Li Qingzhen is So that is what it is. to China team a good lesson! Europe and the United States: HungryNeverSleeprawr: I have begun to fall in love with this world finals! Scarlet-Phoenix:S4: Brazil wild card team defeated LCS EU first team! S5: Brazil wild card team defeated LCS NA first team! S6: Brazil wild card team beat the first team LPL! S7: Brazil wild card team beat the LCK first team??? Ahampster: it looks like the European team is not the worst today. ZakerugaNA: I TMD true love League game! TheCatsActually: the so-called "gap", not only the Korean team and the western team. The "gap" is the wild card team and mainstream division corps! TeeJ_P:10 8 individuals can not tell the difference between these two teams. Ins41n3: looks like the world’s first hit wild. SirDoober: I still don’t know what happened. Suzzhuzz: Chinese team, as always, for us. Sekaifrost: this year than KABUM. At least Alliance did not seriously BP, and EDG is not. (source: Official) happy together! The female anchor and forgot to turn off the camera (Photos)相关的主题文章: