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Equality before the rule! Basketball: the future not to wear a Lining to play (original title: Zhang Xiong: in the future do not wear Lining not to play) Xinhua news agency, Beijing November 3rd sports news (reporter Huang Jie, Wei Hua) China occupation basketball league (CBA) office director Zhang male 3 at the media briefing said, 2 in the League for Guangdong team player Yi Jianlian in the second half in non League sponsor brand shoes to play the "rush", and decided the future no matter what Chinese players without wearing shoes League designated (Lining brand basketball shoes) will not play the game. Li Jinsheng, deputy director of the center of the basket tube stressed: equality before the rules. 2, 2009, the Guangdong team players Yi Jianlian in the game against Shenzhen to the second quarter of 58 seconds, the League designated to take off the shoes, and throw in the stadium after the departure. His behavior was defined as "the association is inconsistent with the occupation spirit and sports purposes, but also seriously disparage the League sponsors of the image and interests, negative impact" extremely bad to the league, and therefore to eat "criticism, suspended for a punishment. After the game, Yi Jianlian in the second quarter trying to wear his personal sponsor brand shoes to play, but was rejected, he immediately returned to the locker room. But in the second half of the game, Yi Jianlian in his personal sponsor brand shoes debut and played the game. In an interview after the game, Yi Jianlian said he was taken off the League designated shoes because of its original injury. In the media briefing, Li Jinsheng expressed the Association for the attitude of the incident. Li Jinsheng said: "the CBA League after 21 years of groundless talk, not easily won development today, to safeguard the interests of sponsors is our responsibility. There is no special, above the rules of the players in the league, before the rule of equality. Yi Jianlian in yesterday’s game to abandon the shoes, is very irrational behavior, is contrary to the professionalism, is the lack of professional quality performance, seriously damaged the image of the league. I take this opportunity to make a serious criticism of the conduct." Li Jinsheng said: "Yi Jianlian as a national team player, should maintain high quality, strict demands on themselves, play a good role model. But in his game yesterday is very bad, the association firmly opposed to this kind of behavior. This is our attitude." Zhang Xiong said on the 2 day of the situation, said: I was watching Beijing Shougang game. During the match I received club competitions, supervision and technology on behalf of the telephone, told me that the game Yi Jianlian shoes case. Because this is a national broadcast of the game, we were based on a comprehensive consideration, unilaterally agreed to the club put forward for the time being Yi Jianlian labeling, in order to complete the request of the game. In the post, this decision is more hasty, not very careful." Zhang Xiong said: "the label of the shoe itself is the damage to the interests of sponsors, these years the number of shoes is decreasing year by year. Previously, we used a fine way to prohibit players wearing illegal equipment, but some players prefer to pay a fine to wear illegal equipment, such as Li Xuelin would be fined 1 million 500 thousand. This year, we try to apply the ban means to stop the player"相关的主题文章: