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Fashion-Style The male accessory which a man should never leave home without is a beautiful wrist watch. The watches are perfect for bringing out style and color to your outfit. However, adding to the list of odd questions, we frequently hear, over the years an astonishing number of men asking us whether it is ok to wear your watch on your custom made shirts sleeves? Typically people ask this question after learning that the previous President of Fiat Gianni George, who was in famous in the 1960s for his unconventional fashion behavior, including wearing his watch over his sleeve. In terms of individual style, George who passed away in 2003, was often portrayed as a master of sprezzatura, which is Italian art of casual manner, and his impudent accessorizing even now puzzles / inspires confuse the minds of tailors to date. So you may wonder whether Mr. George was able to pull off his look, and can you. Could you wear your watch on the top area of your custom dress shirt sleeves? While many fashion statements are questionable, and difficult / fast rules are hard approach, we will take an old-fashioned position here and say that is better to keep your wrist watch, though no matter how elegant, it can be – enfolded around your wrist and not the over the sleeve of your fit custom shirt. Apparently those who climb mountains, or astronauts, scuba divers and all those others who cannot afford to grope around with so many layers of clothing just to check the time are exempted from this rule. Some chronographs arrive with unique extension links to house the outside of the watch wearing for those who go through extreme environmental conditions. But then if the most extreme situation you are expected to .e across with all day is a paper jam, then wearing a wrist watch on the top of your custom made shirt sleeve is going to be a focus for more mockery than respect. Do not take it the wrong way, men can experiment with their accessories and how they wear their clothes, but relying on attention-grabbing or imitations is not the right way to look stylish. The real art of fashion is to discovering a look that you are .fortable with and that it fits your image and lifestyle well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: