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Home-and-Family It’s a funny fact about buying presents, that it’s often the ones you least expect that make the most impact. Sometimes you shell out a whole heap of money for what you thought was that lucky person’s ultimate gift – and it turns out the thing they treasured most was the little personal item you gave them. Remember that time you bought your Mum a massively overpriced bouquet of flowers from an upmarket florist – and it turned out that she treasured the little gift card most? Or you spent your teenage pocket money on treating your boyfriend at the time to the ultimate CD of his dreams – and it was your hand typed poem that really made him go a bit wobbly? Well, generally the best presents are either very personal to the recipient and are associated with happy memories. Many generic gifts end up gathering dust – looking wonderful at the time, but simply having no real place or meaning for that person as time goes on…. but then there’s the gifts which remind them of an event, person or message that makes them smile time and time again. A good example of these sorts of gifts are personalised or hand made items – remember how your Dad treasured that slightly wonky clay key pot you made at infant school? Or how your friend loved the cushion covers you made for her, long after they matched her decor? It’s the fact that you went the extra mile in making their gift personal to them which made it so special. The same goes with engraved gifts. Once the preserve of retirement clocks or corporate tie pins, engraved gifts now .e as part of a wide range of beautiful, quality and timeless pieces that will be looked at and loved time and time again. Not only will they last the distance, they’ll also guarantee to bring back happy memories every time someone reads the message. For this reason, engraved gifts are particularly good for occasions such as graduations, special birthdays, anniversaries, Christenings or weddings. Some examples of engraved gifts you might consider are: Treasure the memories – engraved photo frame Engraved gifts don’t get more personal than this beautiful frame which is made from contemporary wire and glass for a fresh and delicate look. It holds a 6 x 4 standard size photograph and has a little gold plaque at the top with space for up to 50 characters for your personal message. It would be wonderful presented to someone with a message to celebrate their achievement in the engraving, and a photo inside that represents the occasion. For example, you could celebrate the success driving test pass by presenting them with an engraved congratulations message and a photo of them standing by their first car! Or you could thank guests who came to your wedding by sending them an engraved thank you frame with a picture from the event inside. Or celebrate a 21st birthday with a snap of your special person looking lovely, and with a dedication to their big day on the plaque. These engraved gifts are suitable for so many occasions and go right across the board in terms of the people that will appreciate them. They are guaranteed to be loved by kids, teenagers and adults alike, and are a really thoughtful gif option. Say it with a bang – engraved gifts that sparkle Otherwise if your loved one enjoys a fancy tipple, then engraved gifts such as the Personalised Crystal Flutes and Champagne set really are the ultimate in class – .bining the timeless elegance of crystal, with the fizz and sparkle of the world’s most famous drink! Presented in a stylish silk-lined gift box, the crystal flutes have space for a personalised message from you of up to 50 characters – just specify your message when you purchase online and the design team will do the rest for you! The champagne is a classic bottle of Moet and Chandon for the ultimate celebration! These engraved gifts are just two examples of a huge range of thoughtful, innovative and timeless presents that will really delight the lucky recipient. The other great bonus is that they can be ordered online – where there’s a huge range of different engraved gifts to look through and ponder over! You’ll be amazed at the sheer range and breadth of engraved gifts now available – things you never even imagined existed are all available to purchase stress-free online now, and you’ll have the benefit of knowing that your recipient probably has never seen such a unique gift either! Have fun picking your gifts and seeing the smile on their face – after all, half the fun is in the giving! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: