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Marketing Sending out email newsletter .munications to your opt-in email marketing list is likely one of your main forms of .munication with them. It is the most reliable way of reaching what would otherwise be a disparate audience, and one that you would have to work hard to market to effectively. It is important to remember that you can use email marketing to your advantage in other ways as well. You don’t have to send general emails only, you can also create specific campaigns that will be targeted to those who it applies to. For example, say you sell vacuum cleaners. Anytime that somebody purchases a vacuum cleaner with a filter you both know that the filter will need to be replaced repeatedly over the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner. What you, as the seller might not know is where that filter will .e from, but you want to be that source. Really, it’s not about the sale of the filter, even though you wouldn’t turn that down by any stretch, as all the little things really do add up, but it’s got a bigger picture too: the picture of customer loyalty. Creating loyal customers is probably the best use of time that there is when you stop to consider all the benefits of having them. The benefits of loyal customers, to name a few: Repeat business. Whether big or small, repeat business is a good thing. Referrals. When you have brand loyal customers you have people who are going to advocate for you simply because they like you, think you have best product or customer service, etc. Tolerance. If you make a mistake, a loyal customer is much more likely to forgive you than a first-time customer. Great customer service is key to making mistakes into an opportunity to show your customers that they really do .e first. Loyal customers don’t get price shock. If you carry a superior product and your customer knows it, then they are probably not going to be shocked or upset when they have to pay that price. Customers who dont blink twice at prices are a really good thing. In order to build up your relationship with customers so that they be.e repeat, loyal customers you want them to feel like they are more than just an order number. Make sure that you are accessible; this means that you should avoid sending emails from do-not-reply addresses, and make it very easy for them to find the right contact information for their needs. Respond promptly to their requests, questions and concerns, and address them by name. These are simply and easy things that can make a big difference. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: