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Elite fans visit to Australia gerrymandering waiting for buyers letter sent to Zhang Jike [Abstract] fear of many people cannot see the elite athletes, Liu Tongxue two hours in advance to the dock "gerrymandering". China pride! Cool sand painting reproduce the glorious moment of Rio’s Olympic National Olympic athletes elite delegation 29 days afternoon four when the ferry arrived, attracted a large number of residents and zhuixingyizu to welcome. The delegation is now in close contact with the public in the "Youth", a number of visits and visits, the public can see the Chinese Olympic elite style. In the dinner held in Macao egg "our pride, the National Olympic elite athletes of Macao party". Fans waiting for an hour by the head of the delegation, the State Sports General Secretary Liu Peng and deputy head, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration led by Gao Zhidan, yesterday afternoon by boat from Hongkong to Australia, social culture secretary Tan Junrong and deputy director of the liaison office Sun Da greeted, more than and 230 students lined up to welcome in the red carpet on both sides, fifteen the student representative to the delegation. A large number of people, fans and tourists fled, athletes arrived an hour before has been waiting in the terminal, a lot of fans more handmade idol brand and prepare Macao letter in hand, hope to the hands of idol cheer for them. The dock inside and outside a warm atmosphere, my virtual scene. The National Olympic delegation elite group of sixty-four people, including five coaches and forty-five elite athletes. Members include Song Luzeng, director of the State Sports General Administration Department propaganda department liaison inspector and Deputy Secretary gentle, office of the deputy director Li Hui, deputy director of the division Song Keqin, outreach director Yang Shande, competing our outreach division director Wu Jian, director of the division Zhao Jing HKMAO exchange etc.. Fu Yuanhui arrived in Macao to continue to support the success of elite National Olympic delegation arrived in Australia, then travel to stay at the The Galaxie Hotel, the presence of large number of fans waiting for morning, shouting the name of idol athletes from time to time. Lin Dan also told fans waved thanks, the atmosphere is rising. "The girl" Fu Yuanhui into this Olympic red net, attracted many people to see the style. Have arrived at the scene with their children’s parents said that will support the national athletes to reach new heights as in the past. The Rio olympics national elite delegation will attend a number of activities during the visit to Australia, and Macao residents share the Olympic Games, winning glory for the country’s joy. The public will have the opportunity to feel close to the charm of the nation’s athletes. Miss Li: Happy idol to realize the dream of wearing Ding Ning fans will support ball cap, with Ding Ning Q version of the image of Miss Lee armed special from Guangzhou to Australia starchaser. Said Ding Ning love more than four years, in addition to praise her good skill, is also good for the fans. Even in defeat, the fans will not ignore. 2012 Lunao due to miscarriage of justice Ding Ning, the final runner up. The next four years to improve technology, always adhere to the dream, this year has finally won the table tennis champion. "Be happy for her, as if she had realized her dream." The most wanted to tell her, "Ding Ning, how are you?!" Liu Tongxue: buy send little meat afraid of people can not see the elite athletes, Liu Tongxue two hours in advance to the dock "gerrymandering". The love said "Ping-Pong little meat" said Zhang Jike, in addition to think he is handsome, good play so wonderful, handmade Zhang Jike)相关的主题文章: