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Eleven double chop hand up close, why not a Hot pot to console myself – Sohu and it is one of the most popular winter Hot pot the delicacy of steaming pot bubbling and boiling with spicy soup ingredients in the dish with the material and delicious taste think began pouring slobber today for everyone inventory Zhengzhou the distinctive Hot pot let you in the foot mouth addiction also warm the body??? "Ertown tradition" flavor of mutton boiled? Taste winter around the table eating Shabu reeky a very interesting on the table can let a person feel warm and clear white water highlights meat authentic Cloisonne the pot also reveals antique Gansu is cold warming is often at the delicious Shabu plays an important role in Inner Mongolia Xilinguole prairie black sheep slaughtered to freeze acid for 24 hours The above can keep the meat fresh water diners also retained the highest click rate is the sheep brain it is very rare sheep neck meat meat is very tender meat in the pot still maintained the integrity of the meat taste delicate taste sweet soft fresh fragrance is full of no common taste and smell of mutton Lamb the greasy feeling and then dipped in sesame paste prepared except sesame paste sauce have a distinctive flavour and taste a lot of sixteen small material placed neatly in front can be deployed their own love taste again on a toasted bun and eat yogurt features people sweating over first name: Ertown – the traditional addiction features: sheep on the brain, hand cut mutton, mutton roll, high calcium yogurt baked buns, address: Zhengzhou City Agricultural Road and Qilihe Road intersection 50 meters south west 80 yuan per capita consumption: "Sichuan Tianfu Hot pot "? the preservation of streets have a business for 17 years Hot pot stores with its authentic Sichuan favorite to win a lot of chowhound bean sauce as the main ingredient with more than and 20 kinds of spices to the pot of spicy spicy but not dry aftertaste and mainly mashed mashed garlic into sesame oil stir again on a clearing away heat just let the quail egg color chowhound longing duck head meat more thick entrance crisp and elastic teeth to pick up a block in the hot pot rinse rinse in a thick reinforcement crisp chewing up very enjoyable in the dip in a dip into the mouth a lot of light spicy crispy duck head wrapped in micro spicy garlic, cool taste on the linen from the stomach up name: Sichuan Tianfu duck head, Hot pot features: now cut mutton roll, cut it Beef Roulade, Sauteed Beef with Sesame balls, duck address: Zhengzhou City, Guangzhou road street intersection preservation Fork: 50 yuan per capita consumption "pot" Xian Sen? Mushrooms fried with butter with homemade truffle sauce into the soup and put two roses on the table that letinous edodes will be able to small and delicate pot people instantly feel very adorable mild taste to bring out the rinse dishes authentic in your mouth with a lingering silk mushroom fragrance with secret sauce and then into the soup into the Chili oil base brine and large frying on the surface of Stinky tofu sprinkle chopped red chilli and green onion smell smelly tastes touched with fragrant meatball surface has been boiled soft waxy waxy sweet spicy bite obviously did not get angry Name: Xian Sen pot characteristics: stink burning explosion相关的主题文章: