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To help you get started with your new electronic cigarette kit , here are some tips to using it for the first time. Please fully read the user manual that ac.panied your new kit. Even if you have used another type of e-cig, instructions to its use can vary between devices. Charging the batteries. Ensure you have connected the battery charger into the mains socket and the indicator light shows green. Carefully screw a battery into the charger, observing that the battery tip flashes several times, to ensure it is connected to the charger. When connected the charger indicator light will show ‘red’, this means it is charging. When charging is .plete the indicator light will turn ‘green’ showing the battery is charged and ready for use. Preparing your Atomiser When you receive your kit for the first time, the electronic cigarette cartridge attached to the atomiser contains no e-liquid, so please remove this and throw away. Attach a fresh cartridge from the cartridge bottle, making sure you remove all packaging and protective seals. Stand the atomiser on it’s base for several minutes to allow the atomiser to absorb the e-liquid. Using your electronic cigarette for the first time. When the battery is fully charged, attach this to the atomiser fitted with the cartridge. Note: If your electric cigarette is a super e-cig, do not over tighten the atomiser on the battery, as this will restrict the airflow and shorten the cartridge life. Inhale gently from the cartridge observing the battery indicator [LED] glowing. Ensure the air-intake valve is not covered by your fingers. With short 2 second inhales, about 3 4 times, allow the atomiser to build up vapour. Once the vapour has built up, continue to use the electronic cigarette like a regular cigarette. Not getting a good hit from your e.cig?? Here are a few useful .ments from our electronic cigarette users: E-Liquid "Have you tried dripping your e-liquid straight onto the atomizer?…..I find this much better than refilling the carts…..Just 2 or 3 drops on the atomizer should do it". "You can also add 5 drops of e-liquid to your cartridge to get a decent length of full vapour". Atomiser "Have you blown/cleaned out your atomiser? Try this yourself or buy a can of .pressed air from a local hardware store to clean out the tiny particles that get stuck in the atomizer". "One of my new 901 atomisers took a full week of vaping to be at full power. Now 3 months old, and after a pepsi bath it is still going like a train". Technique "When starting out, it can be difficult to get a consistent draw on these things[ e-cigs] because of the way you take a drag. I have found that less is more [ie steady, relatively light, and long draw, rather than a hard sharp short one like you would with an analogue [ slang for tobacco cigarette]". "Until you get used to the draw, it will be a bit inconsistent….. just keep practicing your technique". It tastes funny? "If your cigarette has a ‘burnt’ taste that will not go away there are a couple of things to check: First of all check that the cartridge isn’t dry or a brown colour. If so, change the cartridge. Secondly, your atomizer might have gone through a ‘cleaning cycle’ and there may be some loosened debris, so try following the steps of cleaning/blowing through your atomizer again and see if that solved the problem". If the burnt taste persists it could be that the atomiser has some burnt fibres or liquid on it, to cure this use two to three drops of premium lighter fluid [like Zippo] dripped directly onto the atomiser, place your finger at each end and shake vigorously. Place upright on some kitchen roll for 5 minutes, then blow out with canned air and leave overnight for it to dry out and for the fluid to evaporate. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SMOKE THE ATOMISER immediately after following this procedure, leave it overnight to .pletely dry out. The following morning insert a new cartridge and smoke as normal, the burnt taste should have gone. 相关的主题文章: