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UnCategorized There are many fashion mistakes that all men make that can be considered as acceptable.But then once in a while a man can make an outrageous fashion mistake that will remain imprinted in the minds of all who see him. Such should be avoided because no matter how hard you try to recover from that it will be associated with you for a long time. The following are such mistakes to avoid. Wearing socks with sandals It might be very tempting to try this when it is cold outside. But then again this won’t make the weather better any time soon. If you have to wear sandals move to a place with a warmer weather. Novelty Ties, Boxer Shorts, Shirts Etc. This is a major fashion don’t. There is a not a good thing about novelty clothing and it won’t bring you out as stylish anyway. If you spot these in a store just walk quietly away from them. Blaring Designer Labels Okay, so we know you are wearing a designer cloth. So? You don’t want to be a .plimentary advertisement spot for the billboards. The label should be understated and kept simple. It is not sophisticated or stylish at all if it is all over the place. Backpacks at the Office Really? .e on. A backpack at the office is a terrible idea, especially if it is a high end office. The last thing you want to add to your suit is a backpack. Unless you are going hiking after you are done at the office or you are a student just lose it. in case you are hitting the gym after this, try a good gym bag for the clothes. If you have to carry some other things like cell phone, assorted papers etc that don’t fit your suitcase you can try a messenger bag. Chunky shoes It is not the 90s people. So avoid the huge chunky shoes. Go with something that is classic and will last long in terms of fashion sensibility. Shiny shirts and shoes Again, its not the 90s people. In case you want to go clubbing there are much better options than the shiny, glittery and tacky ones. If you are at a loss, try a black t-shirt that fits your form or a black dress shirt that can be matched with most pants and shoes. Clothes That Are Too Loose Fitting Simply put, these are sloppy. Well, its okay if you are the next 50cent wannabe. In order to look smart always go with clothes that fit your body. It may take a few trials of different cuts and styles but eventually you should be able to find what fits your body best and is flattering enough. Unflattering Colors It might be very tempting to grab that good looking blue cashmere pullover on sale after the Christmas Holiday. But what is the point if it ruins your looks. The colors of your wear should match your physical features like your skin tone, eye color and body shape. Always take this into consideration when choosing what to wear. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: