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Software One of the major issues that have sent an alarm for internet users is Phishing. Phishing is an unlawful approach that employs both social engineering and technical deception to steal personal, identity and financial data. Many people assume that identity theft is limited to individuals. A growing area of identity theft is businesses, and it is important to learn why and how to protect your business from identity theft criminals. With phishing attacks be.ing more advanced and users need simple and effective mechanisms that they can use to protect themselves from be.ing victims of phishing scams. They also need to practice and resort to phishing awareness training programs that would help them. Phishing protection includes being aware of the ways in which a phishing attack can be launched. Besides email, phishing can be attempted in a text message, a social networking post, a website link, a chat room, a message board, and fakes in the forms of banner ads, job search sites, and browser toolbars. One of the most important protections against phishing is continuous caution and reasonable doubt. Educating employees about the phishing phenomenon is another imperative for overall protection of the business. With employees working remotely be.ing increasingly .mon, this has added the number of risks. The possibility of remote employees systems being infected via a phishing attack and then spreading the infection to the .pany network makes education critically vital. It has thus be.e very important to employ anti phishing software and anti phishing tools that ensures employment of best practices for protection against phishing and increases awareness regarding the same. Protection against can include, * Installing an antivirus as well as anti phishing software to the system * Updating the anti phishing software from time to time * Registering with the phishing detecting sites * Using browsers that aids in detecting the phishing activities Deploying anti-phishing software facilitates calculation of phishing risks and is an effective mechanism to ensure adequate phishing protection. There are a number of solutions and services that effectively address this threat. With phishing protection be.ing mandatory in todays scenario, it has be.e imperative for organizations to look beyond traditional technology controls, and ensure continuous education and awareness to fight phishing attacks. Protect your employees from be.ing phishing victim with a .prehensive phishing protection solution or software always helps you and your .anization to function smoothly without the fear of any social engineering attacks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: