Eat black rice warm liver and spleen eyesight to select quality black rice three

Eat black rice warm liver and spleen eyesight to select quality black rice three

black is a kind of nutritional value and medicinal value high food, especially has a good effect on weight loss and health. But there are a lot of poor black rice in the present market, so we must buy rice before polish your eyes.

often eat rice warm liver and spleen eyesight blood circulation

rice compared with ordinary rice, not only the protein content is high, the human body essential amino acid, also contains a lot of natural pigment, trace elements and vitamins, especially rich in iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 etc.. Our country folk to black commonly known as "medicine meter", "a month meter", as mothers and weak debilitated patients tonic, is also used to improve maternal and children, anemia animal models of iron deficiency anemia status.

black rice containing manganese, zinc, copper and other inorganic salts are 1~3 times higher than that of rice; rice also contains the lack of vitamin C, chlorophyll, carotenoid and anthocyanin, cardiac glycosides and other special ingredients, so it is more nutritious than ordinary rice rice.

eat black rice with appetizer, spleen warm liver, improving eyesight blood circulation, slippery astringent to complement the fine work, for young white hair, postpartum weakness, nourishing effect after Tixu disease, anemia, kidney deficiency has very good.


three selected high quality black rice

a look at the color and appearance of black rice.

generally shiny black rice, grain size uniform, little broken, crack (crack on a grain of rice), no insects, no impurity. Time quality and inferior black color bleak, uneven grain size, plumpness, broken rice, worm, caking etc.. For the dyeing of black rice and black rice as black concentrated in the cortex, the endosperm is still white, so that consumers can be a grain of rice outside the cortex all scrape, observe whether the rice was white, if not white, it is likely to be artificially dyed black rice.

two smell the smell of black rice.

hands to take a small amount of black rice, black Micha a steam, and then immediately smell. High quality black rice with normal flavor, no other smell. Slight odor or mildew smell, sour smell, corruption is not the normal taste and smell for quality and inferior rice.

three taste the taste of black rice.


can take place a small amount of black rice population in Xijiao, or ground after taste. High quality rice taste, slightly sweet, no smell. No taste, smell, sour, bitter micro and other bad taste for quality, poor quality of black rice.

fire Sheng hot dry not suitable edible black rice

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