During pregnancy, these 3 kinds of unexpected circumstances, you will deal with it


pregnancy, is a very happy thing. However, during pregnancy, the body if there is something uncomfortable, it is really a terrible thing! During pregnancy, our favorite time unknowingly passed, and do not want to be like a war, there is nothing to an accident!

during pregnancy, if there is an accident, we must know the reason. If we don’t know why, we don’t know exactly what to do with it. During pregnancy without any problems, we can easily treat. So, knowing how to deal with it is a great help for us to get through the pregnancy!

what are some of the problems we may encounter during pregnancy?

pregnancy nosebleeds

estimates that there are many mothers will encounter during pregnancy nosebleeds thing. In fact, as long as the bleeding, we do not want to be nervous! Our body bleeding in this kind of thing, are cautious. However, the small amount of pregnant women nosebleeds, is absolutely no need to worry about the.

do daily tonic and regular inspection, we do not need to worry too much about the nosebleeds. The main hormone changes, pregnancy and blood flow during pregnancy is related to vitamin deficiency.

anemia during pregnancy

anemia during pregnancy, but also more and more pregnant women encountered during pregnancy is a problem. Anemia during pregnancy, may result in delays or even death. Therefore, we must avoid the occurrence of anemia during pregnancy. To avoid the occurrence of anemia, in order to avoid the harm to the fetus.

in order to avoid the occurrence of anemia during pregnancy, we must pay attention to iron supplement. We can replenish the body’s iron through our daily diet. If the circumstances are especially serious iron deficiency, proposed to add the appropriate under the guidance of a doctor’s iron. In order to strengthen the absorption of iron, can also be under the guidance of doctors to supplement vitamin C and other nutrients.

gestational hyperglycemia

There are many factors such as high blood glucose and hormone changes, unreasonable diet structure and overweight in

. Especially pregnant women with a history of high blood sugar, be careful.

high blood glucose during pregnancy, we must control diet, moderate intake of vegetables, reduce the intake of sweets. Also, watermelon, strawberry, melon and other fruits with high sugar content is also not eat!

during pregnancy, we are most afraid of a variety of accidents. If there is an accident, we must find out the reasons and solutions.