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Durant: before the war thunder and Westbrook will not shake hands I always support him – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive articles is forbidden) November 3rd Beijing time news, reporting from ESPN, the warriors will be on Friday in the home court against the thunder, it will be after Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City this summer, for the first time to face old club. Turning to the face of Russell – Westbrook, KD stressed that he will not shake hands before Wei wei. "I’m not a sunspot," KD said. "He’s a great player. I like to watch him play. I’m his fan. I don’t want bad things to happen to other people. Yes, I have always supported him and will continue to support him." Since the decision to join the warriors, KD just to Wei sent a text message, two people have not talked to. For Friday’s game, KD said he was fully prepared. "Of course I’m looking forward to this game," KD said. "I’m a fighter." KD specifically stressed that he will not shake hands with Wei Wei before the game. "I’m not going to shake hands before the game, that’s what I’ve always done," KD said. "My job is to play. Of course, after the game, is another matter." Before KD had said that one day, he will sit down and Wei discuss, resolve the gap between each other. Durant believes that he and Wei little relationship is being tested, it is because the outside world too much speculation and discussion. No one knows what is going to happen, but the game itself attracts the attention. In this regard, Stephen curry said: "I and the thunder team has played many times, I know that feeling, but he does not know (Durant)." Westbrook won the Western Conference Player of the week before, he and KD face confrontation, who will have the last laugh? (Sohu sports exclusive manuscript is prohibited Reprint)相关的主题文章: