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Du cents met with deputy finance minister Shi Yaobin – a local leader — people.com.cn original title: Du cents met with the history of Yao Bin today (24) afternoon, (Hunan) provincial governor Du Jiahao in Changsha met with deputy finance minister Shi Yaobin line. Du welcomed Shi Yaobin and his party to Hunan Research PPP work to promote the situation, thanks to the Ministry of finance has long been given strong support for economic and social development in Hunan. He said that this year, Hunan conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, trying to overcome the economic downward pressure, part of the industry slowdown, structural tax cuts more difficulties and challenges, the first half of the overall economy maintained steady progress, steady to good posture, the financial operation in a reasonable range. As the first national PPP pilot provinces, Hunan attaches great importance to the work of PPP, explore the establishment of standardized operation mechanism, strengthen project screening efforts, and improving the popularization and application of fine PPP in some key areas, effective prevention and control of government debt risk, continuously leveraging social capital to participate in major infrastructure and livelihood projects in areas such as investment and construction. Hope that the Ministry of Finance in the financial transfer payments and special subsidy funds allocation, tax reform, reform and other aspects of PPP as in the past to give Hunan strong support and guidance, to better promote the stable and healthy development of Hunan economy and the continuous improvement of people’s livelihood. Shi Yaobin said, Hunan to promote the work of PPP strength, strength, success, walk in the forefront of the country. The Ministry of finance will seriously study the opinions and suggestions put forward by Hunan, the full support of the work of reform and development in Hunan. (reporter He Jia) (Yu Hai Chong, Xu Donger: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: