Don’t want to be cheated by memory It might be able to help you-baxia

Don’t want to be cheated by memory? It may be helpful to the memory of your people and not fully reflect what has happened. The processing of consciousness and subconscious, and constantly put out the rehearsal, each time will be more or less to modify the memory. Do not know if you have such a feeling? When a thing has been around for a long, long time, it is impossible to remember whether it really exists People’s long – term memory capacity is really terrible, but the memory is constantly being modified, so want to record what happened? Certainly not. Memory cameras can help you no longer be deceived by memory. Memory camera is only a lighter size, sleek metal frame, simple design makes it beautiful and portable. You can put it in her pocket, tied on pets and so on. Video streaming can be transferred to social networking sites. Memory camera with a 120 thousand pixel camera, plus 128GB storage space, you can shoot any length of video. At the same time, the camera also has the functions of time-lapse photography, auto cycle mode and auto release storage space. Memory camera with silver and rose gold two colors optional. I hope that with it, your memory will not be changed. With it, you can look at the world you have not seen before.相关的主题文章: