Don’t think that smart baby monitor is safe to use may be at risk (video)

according to the number of doctors published articles, but may have a smart baby monitor in the infant life and health risk.


is worried about the smart devices that appear on the market to monitor the vital signs of a baby’s sleep. In this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) editorial, two doctors and a medical researcher warned that rely on these smart baby monitor may put them in danger. The authors also called for FDA to set standards for such devices.


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intelligent diaper clamp, intelligent clothes, smart socks and intelligent monitor leg……

device manufacturers claim that their products can prevent babies from dying in their sleep. In the United States, about 3500 babies die each year from sleep related illnesses, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Such problems are often difficult to detect, and in addition to observing the ups and downs of the baby’s chest, the parents have little other means.

but the price of such smart devices is not cheap. The article mentioned several products are priced at $150-300 (about RMB 1031-2063), such as $250 (about 1719 yuan) Owlet Baby Care smart socks a monitor, it is able to track the baby’s heart rate and blood oxygen level.

author said in the text, the monitor using parents fear of disease, but may actually play no role. First, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no evidence that monitoring the vital signs of healthy babies can reduce the risk of developing SIDS.

secondly, the safety, accuracy and efficacy of such products are difficult to assess. Even if they have clinical trials, these data are not publicly available.

It is a big problem that

medical applications often show inconsistent performance. For example, a blood pressure application incorrectly tells 80% of people with high blood pressure who have no problem with their blood pressure. Similarly, the smart baby failure monitor may not detect the baby’s physical problems, or the false positives for the sick baby.


said that these smart baby monitor should be made;