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Don’t smoke money not to seal the village Party Secretary "yanguobamao was investigated – Beijing newspaper news (reporter correspondent Zou Taiping Xiang Fuli)" don’t smoke money not to seal, such cadres should severely punish!" The day before, Longshan County in Hunan Province Xi Xiang features former Secretary of the village Party branch Jia Gaolan for defrauding the state funds, many times to the masses for "sealed smoke" hard money "is investigated, the local people applauded. In June this year, the township Commission for discipline inspection within the township received reports reflect the relevant issues. Township Commission for Discipline Inspection on its alleged disciplinary investigation. According to the investigation, from the beginning of 2010, Jia Gaolan took advantage of his position, for the masses and seal process, to the masses, and ask for a charge of 10 passengers, equivalent to about 853 yuan, and misappropriation of project funds 24 thousand yuan. In 2010, Jia Gaolan helped the villagers Pengmou declare a reconstruction index, received a 60 yuan worth of cigarettes as "hard money"; from 2011 to 2015, the villagers Jiamou 4 times to find work, Jia Gaolan seal, Jia Gaolan took the initiative to ask for 5 packs of cigarettes, equivalent to about 50 yuan. One of them, Jia even sent Jia Gaolan two packs of cigarettes to do things. Investigation team also found that from 2014 to 2015, in the village of 4 drinking water project contracting features, Jia Lan Cao false quantities, cheat and misappropriation of national project funds 24 thousand yuan. Eventually, the township party committee decided to give Jia Gaolan party inspection for a year, and according to the procedure removed from its party duties. "The case of the village Party branch secretary, for repeatedly accepting the masses of property, the amount is small, but the impact is very bad, is a typical" yanguobamao "type of corruption." Longshan County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the relevant responsible person said, the unwholesome tendencies and corruption such against the interests of the masses, to adhere to Zhuazao catch small, can enhance people gain a sense of the corruption is the wind.相关的主题文章: