Doctors surgery suddenly pulled out a condom ending……

Doctors surgery suddenly pulled out a condom ending…… – Sohu health

on the evening of 6, a man in Lianyungang Liu drink beer too bold, even accidentally fell into the beer bottle in the cup cover can swallow the entire cup of beer, a drink after the card was found to be ill, then to the hospital for examination. 7 am, the doctor was surprised to use a condom network into the bottle before pulling out.

6 evening 10 o’clock, Liu drink in a friend came to Lianyungang First People’s Hospital emergency hall for help, said he drank beer with friends at dinner drink too much, do not pay attention to the bottle cap drop in beer glasses, then a swallow, then feel stomach pain, and more and more uncomfortable, so the doctor I hope to come to the hospital, doctors can help remove it.

by Liu’s description, the doctor on duty suggest it go to shoot a film for further processing, after an hour, the doctor from the shooting of the film really found a bottle of wine in the stomach, but just eat soon, must wait 6 to 8 hournonfasting before treatment, so the doctor on duty Liu suggested the next morning come back.

on the morning of 7, Liu came to the hospital fasting treatment, the department chief physician Ju Weiping said, taking into account the beer bottle is a comprehensive cover wing, and is very sharp, usually when we open the bottle, accidentally can scratch the hand in the stomach, if not timely removed, may cause intestinal decline perforation, severe life-threatening. But if you use forceps to be clamped out the way, may hurt the patients stomach and esophagus; if you use the sleeve cover, because the casing is thick, affirmation of esophageal injury is large, there is a way to the surgery directly removed, but the patients two times more harm.

what is the way to take out the cap, but also to reduce the two damage to the patient? "At that time, I think, just think of using condoms to take cover of this approach." Ju Weiping said. He suggested that patients with another X ray, to find a clear bottle of beer, condoms will be put toward the mouth into the stomach, and then into the bottle mouth condoms with forceps, and forceps grabbed the condom mouth gently shake bottle, fall into the condom, and then taken out easily. The whole process is less than two minutes, during which the role of the condom is to prevent the lid of the beer bottle cover around the wings of the esophagus.

‘s director said the use of condoms, this method must take cover, fitter technical skills, he is also one. It is understood that the 60 year old giant Wei Ping, in 1978 before the resumption of college entrance examination, he was an electrical engineer in Lianyungang electronic administration, technical level has reached the eight level of locksmith. The resumption of college entrance examination that year, he was holding a life-saving, life-saving ambition, admitted to the Xuzhou Medical College, 5 years after graduation has become a good digestion physician.