Doctor Strange published new stills about Sherlock Star overwhelmed by an unexpected favour-diying

"Doctor Strange" published new stills on Sherlock Star Entertainment News (the Tencent: overwhelmed by an unexpected favour toot) Beijing time on September 28th, Disney and CO produced Marvel sci-fi blockbuster "Doctor Strange" (Doctor Strange), also announced a new stills and 3 new poster. In the "new" published in Doctor Strange stills, Benedict played by Conboy Baki · Stephen · strange in a stage, Tilda · Swinton played an ancient and Qiewate Mo · Ford play of Baron Krause, is working on his advice on. From this a few stills, as the film’s villain, not to replace the master degree of Baron ambition has not exposed. Earlier there was news that Marvel studios to make Benedict · Conboy Baki played doctor strange, even delayed the film schedule. So, what is the reason for the "volume blessing" agreed to star in the film? "When the first time with the film’s production team met when I was watching the documentary" manufacturing "(Making a Murderer) the murderer, I realized that there was similar between the two, because they are scary." Benedict · Conboy Baki said: "let me marvel as the male lead, which makes me very hard but I was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, taking a schedule, I was in drama" Hamlett "(Hamlet), on the other hand there are" detective Sherlock "(Opera) (Sherlock) in the fourth quarter, but doctor strange it is a very rich role, he played like a delicious taste." "Strange" starring Dr. Benedict · Conboy Baki, Tilda · Swinton, Qiewate; · Krause Ford, Rachel · Mcadams and Benedict · Wang et al, the film will be released in the United States in November 4th. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: