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Discard modularity? LG G6 no longer equipped with Friends modular accessories – LG G5 LG electronic technology Sohu official at MWC this year launched a flagship model, with a removable battery, modular design, dual cameras and other selling points, won the annual best MWC intelligent mobile phone new product awards, and the European version is expected to upgrade next month Android 7. However, it is regrettable that this flagship did not set off too much waves in the market, whether in the G series adhere to the modular design, has become a LG now need to think about the problem. Foreign media GSMArena reported that the next generation of the flagship G6 LG will no longer be equipped with any modular accessories, I do not know whether this means that G6 will no longer use modular design. LG Friends is a modular accessories LG G5 equipped with family support, including focus and wide-angle shooting CAM Plus, built-in B& O Sound; 32 DAC chip HI-FI Plus, filmed in virtual reality and panorama as a selling point of the 360VR and 360CAM, as well as high-end Bluetooth headset Tone Platinum neck. The modular LG G5 currently has two problems: one is the price of the parts is too high, in the mobile phone itself is not cheap, buy additional accessories has greatly increased the economic burden of consumers, this is perhaps the LG want to give up the root cause of modular parts in G6. This issue is also repeated on Lenovo launched modular mobile phone Moto Z. Another is to achieve a removable battery design, G5 module and battery together disassembly, which also led to the replacement of the module must pass through the switch form, can not achieve the module hot swap operation is inconvenient. In contrast, the company’s latest launch of Almighty flagship V20 will be more fit than the G5 mass consumer market. Therefore, if the G6 LG completely abandon the modular design, which is not surprising. Just before the media reported that, LG abandoned modular design argument has been officially denied. The company spokesman Ken Hong said, G6 will not abandon the modular, and even on the basis of G5 upgrade again. Considering the current LG not responding to the rumors, so cancel this statement is questionable parts. In addition, the next generation of the flagship G6 LG message is not a lot of. The estimation of the next generation may be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor flagship, to further upgrade the dual camera, and still retain a removable battery design. In addition, millet Note2 released this week, we tell the hyperbolic LG screen have mass production, is currently the company for some reason seems less willing to use it in its own flagship, may be its own want to wait for more advanced OLED screen. In fact, in the final analysis, it depends on whether LG is to be unique, or fit the masses. (cover: LG)相关的主题文章: